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I'm new to this whole wiki thing, so far be it from me to edit a page within moments of creating an account.

However, I do think that there is a sad lack of discussion or meta about this particular character anywhere. He is well-written and genuinely seems to like the boys. He isn't just some random walk-on in a scary mask. Maybe I'm the only one that sees it (which seems pretty impossible given the size and scope of this fandom), but the Trickster is genuinely interesting enough to warrant more than a definition.

I think something should be said about that fact that he has appeared twice (and there's a good chance he will again) and made an impact on the relationship between the brothers, especially in Mystery Spot. While he may be puckish, he isn't really evil. What he did to Sam was harsh but was done to illustrate an important point.

There, enough said. I just hate to see such an interesting character fall to the wayside on my favorite source of Supernatural information. Like I said, I did't want to edit the page, but I did feel he at least warranted a little blurb on his discussion page.


and welcome to the Supernatural Wiki! You're absolutely right, there isn't much discussion of the Trickster around. That said - the article pages aren't for discussion, but merely for 'fact' compilation (of course, it's always difficult to determine what is fact and what is fiction! :-) - I think you're right here on the discussion page with what you have to say.

I agree that he is definitely more interesting and the page on the Trickster at the Superwiki isn't very developed - but that's for you to change, if you want! That's what the wiki is all about. There are many such pages - and hell, I wish they were all filled to the brim with interesting information - but the wiki is a project designed to involve participation of anyone. I'd be very grateful if you wanted to fill up the Trickster page with background info on what was his special purpose in each episode. (See e.g. Bela or Ruby's pages as examples.)

However, I wish you lots of fun on the wiki!

Lea ndra 01:17, 9 July 2008 (PDT)