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Okay -- I think there may be a hugeass error on this page, in regards to his expert rifle badge. See, back when I first did this, I'd only posted it in my private journal as reference for myself. And eventually lots of people were like, Hey that's cool, can I link that?

So.. not as much research went into this as I would have put into something like SuperWiki.

And I definitely remember coming across that reference to the # of kills and types of weapons, but it was only on one site, and hadn't really been validated by another source.

And now that I'm actually looking into it again, I think that's completely wrong, and only refers to the score John got when qualifying for the rifle. Which means that he could have been, but probably was not a scout/sniper. (SORRY ZOMG TO ANYONE WRITING NAM FIC.) I'm looking into it more, and will definitely update the site when I get the chance. Deleting the reference to the sniper rifle and .50 cal until I've verified for sure one way or the other.
--Olivia 19:29, 19 October 2006 (PDT)

Whoa! funny you talk about this now, Derry and I were discussing that very thing last night. I know she is in the midst of doing a lot of 'Nam research, so will be contributing to this kind of stuff shortly. Also, we're going to extrapolate it out more, move John's Military History over to John Winchester instead/as well. I'll post about it to the super-wiki community etc, we can totally make it a big group effort :D

--Angstslashhope 19:51, 19 October 2006 (PDT)