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I have reasons to believe that Jefferson Starships are not a combo of a vampire and a wraith but a combination of anOkami and a wraith.I believe that based on the look of the J.S.'s teeth.If you take a close look at them you'll notice that they're much bigger compared to vamp's fangs. First of all,okami's teeth are its regular teeth and not dogteeth that the monster is able to hide.I am not sure about this and it's strange that no one else noticed it...Please share your thoughts about this,I am a bit confused.Of course Dean doesn't even know what an Okami is as he has never been to Japan nor seen the one Bobby killed as it got torn to shreds after its meeting with the woodchipper... So it's reasonable Dean not knowing that he was looking at an Okamaith. Bobby didn't get a close look at its fangs so he couldn't know.On the other head the J.S. dropped dead after being beheaded while an Okami needs a bambo dagger blessed by a Shinto Priest... Please express your thoughts and believes

Hard to say. When the Okami was "dead", before Bobby buried it, it looked like it only had two sharp fangs when Bobby raised it's lip. Later though when it was attacking Bobby it looked like all the teeth were sharp like vamp teeth. Dunno, they're all dead anyway :) --Staxeon 03:30, 26 September 2011 (UTC)