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Pure speculation: I personally believe that Famine is the youngest Horseman because Death's age has already be established and War seemingly emerged sometime later, as 'conflict', 'strife' and 'war' begun in Heaven, giving depth to his essence. Between Pestilence and Famine, as both of their embodiments or natures didn't have any place in Heaven hence making them more earthly. Pestilence acted in a more "mature and adult" like fashion, suggesting that Famine is younger. Although at this point, there is no concrete answer. Any thoughts?

Anderson54, February 11th 2011

Where did it say that after Sam removed the Demons souls out of Famine that he died? This idea was not canonicaly proven; therefore it probably didn't happen.

Anderson Writer, FEB. 13th 2010


Aren't Horsemen indestructible? War told the Winchesters that you they couldn’t kill him, for you can't kill something that's not living, in others words; War, Famine and Death can't be necessarily killed, per-say, however if there's no more wars then war would cease to exist. Same goes for Famine, if there's no more famine, than he too wouldn't exist.


What was said on the page before was not that Famine was killed, it was that he was 'seemingly destroyed'. That means he might have been destroyed but you don't know for sure, it just seemed that way.


I have a question and I was sure I could find the answer here. Why do we not see the boys getting Famine's ring? In Hammer of the Gods, toward the end Dean says "we got Death's ring" and there's the flash of them cutting off his finger. Then he says "we nicked Famine's" and the flash is of Famine's hand resting on the arm of his wheelchair but there is nothing in My Bloody Valentine that shows Dean actually getting his ring. I found myself watching that and yelling at Dean to get the ring while Famine was distracted by Sam sucking out all the souls. I found that very uncharacteristic of the show - why would they not show them getting Famine's ring? The only thing I can think of is that there was some sort of last minute technical glitch. Can anybody help with this and is this even the right place to ask? As I said, I was sure I could find the answer here - maybe I am just not searching right? Thanks to anybody who reads this!

--Ohgodspike (talk) 22:40, 27 September 2012 (PDT)