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I keep thinking about Charlie and her claim she started a new life once before. I am probably over thinking this, but I have two theories so far.

  1. The spark some people seem to poses makes me think that those people—including Charlie—are Avatars for God. Or, his incarnations, that is if we assume he is omnipresent and able to sustain multiple, individual consciousnesses (or in programming terms: he can spawn (child-)instances of self).
  2. Charlie might be Gabriel. I mean, he was the Trickster Loki for a very, very long time. You would think he is smarter than that. I can't really reason as to why he would decided to fake his own death, apart from renewing his personal "witness protection" program. Referencing the spark again, it could be an anti-Leviathan God implemented with Archangels. However, that does not explain how Bruce Springsteen and Eli Manning have the spark, too. Unless Gabriel has a number of parallel protection programs as backup plans.

Destielstarship (talk) 02:11, 10 August 2012 (PDT)

I think you're overthinking it. Charlie's a creative hacker. Springsteen's a creative artist. I don't know jack about Manning but I assume he's a creative quarterback. Leviathans are devious but not creative. And there's lots of reasons why someone would want to start a new life completely free of ties to the old one; in Charlie's case, I suspect she got caught hacking something important and had to do a bunk. —EllieMurasaki (talk) 22:28, 10 August 2012 (PDT)


Is it just me or does she seem too be a possible love intresst for dean i mean he choose to ressurect her and shes a hunter/women of letters and they seem too have a good chemistry and she always give him a kiss on the cheeks and sam gets hugs i know she prefere girls but doesnt seem impossible given that she comes back from oz ofc