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I know I'm knew here, but shouldn't this page be redirected to his main page and just include this small bit of information in on that page?--SawBucks 04:24, 26 May 2010 (UTC)

Cas Origins?

This page offers a potential explanation for why the spelling of 'Cass' might be used but doesn't address how or why 'Cas' became so prevalent among fans. I believe proper spelling would suggest the former (Cass). While it's true that the complete name only has one S in it, the proper or spelling of the short form should be consistent with its pronunciation rather than the spelling of the complete name. For instance, the short name for Michael is Mike, not Mich. The 'Cas' spelling, on the other hand, might suggest the name should rhyme with 'has' or 'was' (clearly not the intent). Thus, if anyone can elaborate here on the origin of the Cas spelling and/or how Cas became the more common usage among fans, I believe it would be useful and informative.