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Where in the series does it say that Lucifer is an archangel? If we're going by traditional lore then Uriel should be considered one as well, even if it was never mentioned and it doesn't seem to fit. Also the archangel protecting Chuck is definitely Raphael. He's the one who kills Cas, and because he is captured in the ring of fire he doesn't show up to protect Chuck in s5e9.

-civfan24 (sorry, idk how to properly sign this or what the protocol is for editing, but I figure if I stick to discussion pages and merely suggest things I'll step on less toes... sorry if I'm wrong!)

Hey thanks for the unput. You are totally right - about lucifer not being named an archangel in Canon. I've added that to the page, while leaving him there, as Lucifer is often called one in lore. And I agree about Raphael. you can add a signature using the third button from the right above. --Missyjack 11:59, 16 November 2009 (UTC)

In more correct terms and in a more canonical sense, Gabriel was the only Archangel to be described as being far more powerful than a Trickster. The Idea of all archangels being this powerful currently remains unclear. However, one could make an educated guess that Michael is also more powerful than a trickster.

--Anderson Writer, February 2nd 2010 (UTC)

Just recently Michael made his first Appearance. Some of his powers were demonstrated in 5.13 The Song Remains The Same, his powers seemed to be, as they were clearly demonstrated to surpass the powers of a Trickster.

--Anderson Writer, February 9th 2010 (UTC)

Do you even know what you are talking about. the trickster isn't Michael it is Gabriel. you would know that if you watched the episodes.-crazycid

Where did it say that an archangel can incinerate another angel by touching them? In technical terms, so far, only Michael can do this. But let's suppose that all archangels can do this; than why didn't Lucifer do this to Cass rather than bound him in a holy circle? This leds into- only Michael has that much power to incinerate other angels and can send angels back to heaven just by snapping his fingers; maybe this is one of his big differences between him and all of god's other angels.

Anderson Writer, FEB. 11th 2010

Does anyone think it would be "Wiki appropriate" if I added this to their Occupation-Template?:

Archangel/Prophet Protectors (Archangels are some how involved in protecting prophets)

Anderson Writer, FEB. 16th 2010

-- that's fine - MJ

The information about how a Campbell could be used as Michael's vessel due to the bloodline is definitely not correct as Michael used John Winchester and Adam as his secondary vessels and they have nothing to do with the Campbell bloodline. Being Michael's vessel is clearly something that runs in the Winchester side of the family. We don't know about Lucifer or whether any Campbell could be used as a vessel by him, but in Michael's case I think we can see the Winchester bloodline as a requirement as a fact. I'm deleting the part about the Campbells, IDK if the Winchester line should be added or not.

I noticed also that by the "Vulnerabilities" section it's written that Lucifer was not effected by Kali's power so even if Gabriel was bound by her blood spell Michael and Lucifer would probably be unaffected. This is speculation. Kali only tried to burn Lucifer, that didn't harm him, but that doesn't mean that a blood spell would be ineffective against him or Michael for that matter. We have no way of knowing as Kali didn't try to use that specific power of hers against him. I'm deleting that sentence. -- Scyllaya 15:50 19 April 2011

Spectulation Theory

Is it just me or do the archangels seem to be affiliated with different elements? They also may be a type of elemental, as they all seem to conform to specific blocks of nature. For example: Michael can generate fire, Lucifer can generate ice, Raphael can generate electricity and Gabriel can create alternate or other realities on land, e.g. Earth.

I was thinking the creating-other-realities thing was something not restricted to Gabriel. Zachariah might have done it in The End, after all. Anyway, Gabriel is traditionally associated with water.—EllieMurasaki 22:35, 12 February 2011 (UTC)
Well since Castiel and Gabriel also did some pyrokinesis, not just Michael; and the fact that Zach could wrap reality to a level as well not just Gabe, I'd say it's not the case. But they are all a type of manipulation (elements, bodies, objects, space, time), maybe only higher level angels can do it, but not exclusivly archangels. Scyllaya 11:01 14 February 2011

According to Raphael, he can claim ownership over an angel's soul, allowing him to control the angel's thoughts, mind, and actions 6.03. I removed this as it was a very literal interpretation of what Raphael says to Castiel. He tells Castiel that they (the angels under Raphael's command) will not listen as their hearts are his (Raphael's). This is about loyalty, not about mind control. OldNick666 Monday, 18 April