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I was looking through classics in an old book shop the other day, and remembered something that had occurred to me ages ago. Anna's surname is Milton, yes? It may be a reference to the epic poem 'Paradise Lost' by John Milton. It focuses on the Fall of Man, Adam and Eve and them being kicked out of the Garden of Eden. Anna ripped out her Grace, she lost her Paradise? Just a thought (:


yes, that could very well be. Why don't you post that on the character page as possible allusion or possible reference?

Lea ndra 07:14, 11 October 2009 (UTC)

Edited in! You might have to forgive me if the editing's a little off though, wiki codes new to me. There's also a reference to Uriel in book three of 'Paradise Lost', but I'm not sure if it's significant or not. It caught my attention, though.

Edited The song remains the same entry as pretty sure Anna stabbed Sam with a piece of pipe or similar and not the balde.

Sam did die to this blade, while in 1978. However, He was of later resurrected by Michael.

Anderson Writer, FEB. 7th 2010

Just rewatched the ep, and while I'm not clear on exactly what Anna stabbed Sam with—got to check screencaps, which means waiting till I'm back on campus high-speed Thursday to download screencaps because Snowpocalypse closed the campus for tomorrow—it is definitely something Anna pulled out of the wall of the house, maybe a pipe or a stud. Looked wooden, so probably a stud. Not a blade of any sort. (I'm not editing the entry till I'm positive, though.) —EllieMurasaki 01:02, 9 February 2010 (UTC)