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Purgatory Weapons

I was wondering should there be a page on the site here for The Purgatory Weapons that both Dean and Benny had in Purgatory. An since we returned to Purgatory in this Episode again but this time it was Sam in Purgatory not Dean we saw him use a Purgatory Weapon he took from the Vampire that he killed while searching for the Back Door Portal into Hell. An even throws the weapon to Benny before he leaves Purgatory as well. So these Purgatory Weapons have appeared in several Episodes during Season 8 and they have even appeared on Earth and in Purgatory since Dean brought his back from Purgatory and I believe Benny did as well. An these weapons are important enough for a page on the site because they seem to be effective on all Monsters in Purgatory in some form even The Leviathans as well. An in the Season 8 Premiere Dean was even prepaired to use it against some Demons as well. I believe I counted a total of 3-Purgatory Weapons so far during Season 8 one for Dean, Sam and Benny each. Oh well I thought I just ask that certain question.

From Rod12

Nah, there's a Weapons Catalogue page. Purgatory weapons should be listed under there. Mikael (talk)

You do have a point however we have pages for Angelic Weapon and other weapons that were either referenced in a episode or they only made a single appearance in a episode. I mean we could even have it set up the same way as the Angelic Weapon Page and we have a actual page for Vamptonite on the site here. I think a page called Purgatory Weapons should be on the site it's not like it hurts adding to the site it improves it.

From Rod12

Yeah, but there's variety to the angelic weapons and they served as plot points, and vamptonite also served as a fairly important plot point. The Purgatory weapons, don't really play into anything, they're just axes that Dean, Benny and Sam used in Purgatory, that's really it. I personally don't see them as important enough to warrant a page, Weapons Catalogue seems to be the right place to put them. Mikael (talk)

I have created a page Purgatory Weapons is someone would like to add to it. I agree that the Weapons Catalogue would be a good place to put them, but that page is woefully incomplete and hasnt been updated since Season 2. If anyone is interested in working on that - or even just doing an entry on the boys' guns, that would be great! Missyjack (talk) /Admin

Oh thanks Missyjack I didn't even know you created the page. I do remember asking you about it what seems to be a long time ago during sometime during the early part of Season 8. But I just didn't know what your final decision was on the matter overall. I will slowly work on improving the page to get it to not look just like a stub page.

From Rod12