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Where are Ruby's Knife and The Colt in season six? I was confused from Weekend at Bobby's when Bobby killed a crossroads's demon by burning her bones when he could have easily done it with the knife. Bobby used the knife in season 5's Two Minutes to Midnight and in Swan Song Bobby used The Colt as a last ditch effort to kill Lucifer. I was wondering why Sam and Dean had to fly to Ireland to burn Crowley's bones when they have two devices able to kill demons a little closer to home.

The Colt may have been lost in 5.10. The knife is presumably in the Impala's trunk where Bobby did not in fact have access to it. And to kill Crowley with either the Colt or the knife, Crowley would have to be within range and unable to move (or to summon hellhounds). —EllieMurasaki 03:13, 2 December 2010 (UTC)