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TV and movie references spoken by Sam or Dean or in their presence.

1.01 Pilot

Writer: Eric Kripke

Sam: 'Cause we're not exactly the Bradys.
Sam's Friend: And I’m not exactly the Huxtables.

  • The Brady Bunch and The Cosby Show: Saccharine sweet families you wanted to kill with a chainsaw. Definitely not like the Winchesters. (The thought of John in one of Bill Cosby sweaters is hilarious tho)

Dean (referring to Jess’ t-shirt): I love the Smurfs.

  • The Smurfs: A cartoon series of weird little blue creatures best watched while under the influence of illegal substances. Smurfette, who features on Jess’ shirt, bears more than a passing slutty resemblance to Jess.

Dean (speaking to two FBI agents): No, sir, we were just leaving. Agent Mulder, Agent Scully.

  • The X-Files: (1993-2002) classic TV show about aliens and government conspiracies featuring the believer Agent Fox Mulder and the sceptical (for a while anyway) Agent Dana Scully. The genre predecessor of Supernatural, the X-files contributes director Kim Manners, as well as a number of writers and most episodes feature at least one minor actor from that series.

Dean (as Sam explains pentagrams): Okay. Thank you, Unsolved Mysteries.

  • Unsolved Mysteries: Documentary style TV show which investigated bizarre murders and the paranormal

Dean (to the sheriff): We talking like, misdemeanour kind of trouble, or squeal like a pig trouble?

  • Deliverance: Movie of four city guys who take a canoeing trip and encounter duelling banjos and inbred hillbillies. “Squeal like a pig, city boy’ is the taunt of one of the hillbillies during a cheery ass raping scene.

Sam (to Dean): What were you thinking shooting Casper in the face, you freak?

  • Casper the Friendly Ghost: Cartoon series about a rather sad, lonesome, friendly ghost of a dead child.

1.02 Wendigo

Writer: Ron Milbauer and Terri Hughes Burton

Dean (to the hunter Roy): Tell me, Bambi or Yogi ever hunt you back?

  • Bambi: classic cute Disney animated movie about a fawn called Bambi.
  • Yogi: cartoon bear who was not unlike Dean in being fond of snarky comments and food.

1.03 Dead in the Water

Writers: Sera Gamble and Raelle Tucker

Andrea (referring to Dean): Tell your friend the whole Jerry Maguire thing isn’t going to work on me.

  • Jerry Maguire: Movie where Tom Cruise tries to get into a woman’s pants by sucking up to her son.

Dean: I'm Agent Ford, this is Agent Hamill.

  • Star Wars (Episodes IV, V, VI): Harrison Ford played Han Solo and Mark Hamill played Luke Skywalker in the three good Star Wars movies.

1.04 Phantom Traveler

Writer: Richard Hatem

Dean: Liar. 'Cause I was up at three, and you were watching the George Foreman infomercial.
Sam: Hey, what can I say? It's riveting TV.

  • George Foreman: Famous heavyweight boxer who is now best known for late night ads where he flogs his electric grill

Dean: Yeah, it was a poltergeist right?
Worker: Hey, Poltergeist, I love that movie!
Jerry: Yeah, no one's talking to you. Keep walking.

  • Poltergeist: 1982 movie about a poltergeist that communicates with a little girl through the TV. The tagline was the little girl singsonging, "They’re he-eere!" Watch it, it's really scary.

Dean: This is going to sound nuts, but we just don't have time for "The Truth Is Out There" speech right now...

  • The X-Files: The Truth Is Out There was the tagline for The X-Files. By the end of the series the truth might have been out there but the writers couldn't find it with a mirror on a stick.

Dean: This goes way beyond floating over a bed or barfing pea soup.

  • The Exorcist: 1973 horror movie about a young girl played by Linda Blair is possessed by a demon. While possessed she floats over her bed, spews green stuff (they used pea soup for the effect), and masturbated with a crucifix (guess Dean forgot that one!). Linda stars in the Season Two as [Detective Sheridan] in [The Usual Suspects]]

Dean: Man, I look like one of the Blues Brothers.

  • The Blues Brothers: A soul/blues band led by Jake and Elwood Blues (John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd respectively) which originated in a Saturday Night Live sketch. Most commonly known through the 1980 movie which featured cool blues music and cool cars most of which got smashed up. The Blues Brothers wore black suits, white shirts, thin black ties and pork pie hats.

1.05 Bloody Mary

Writers: Ron Milbauer and Terri Hughes Burton

Dean: Do I look like Paris Hilton?

  • A reference to One Night in Paris: A sex tape of Paris Hilton and boyfriend de jour Rick Salomon. Jared also featured in the 2005 movie House of Wax with Paris. Obviously, the boys have seen or at least heard about this video.

1.06 Skin

Writer: John Shiban

Sam: I don’t know, it was like he was downloading your thoughts and memories.
Dean:: You mean, like the Vulcan mind meld?

  • Star Trek: In the Star Trek verse, Vulcans (the ones with the pointy ears such as Spock, Tuvok and T’pol) can access someone’s thoughts and memories by a mind meld which is initiated through physical contact. The director of this episode Robert Duncan McNeil starred in Star Trek: Voyager as Lt Tom Paris.

1.07 Hook Man

Writer: John Shiban

Dean (to Sam): Nice job, Dr. Venkman. Let’s check it out.

  • Ghostbusters: Who you going to call? 1984 comedy about a group of parapsychologists who, well, bust ghosts. At the time it was the biggest movie in the universe and we all sang the theme song incessantly. Bill Murray plays Dr. Venkman.

Dean: Think we'll see a naked pillow fight?

  • National Lampoon's Animal House: 1978 hilarious comedy about a frat house starring John Belushi, who gets to see some sorority girls in a naked pillow fight. Also involved were Ivan Reitman, the producer and Harold Ramis, a writer, who were also in Ghostbusters.

Dean: Saved your ass! Talked the sheriff down to a fine. Dude, I am Matlock.

  • Matlock: 1986-92 TV show about a small town lawyer in a bad suit – Matlock – played by Andy Griffiths.

1.08 Bugs

Writer: Rachel Nave and Bill Coakley

Dean: Mad cow? Wasn't that on Oprah?
Sam: You watch Oprah?

  • Oprah: The eponymous chat show of Oprah Winfrey. Oprah may or may not be fat, may or may not be gay, but is certainly really really rich. Her show features books, makeovers, people who do really nice stuff for people who's lives are stuffed and famous people about whom I don't give a stuff. Tom Cruise jumped on her couch. You just know Dean loves it. In 1996 in a show on mad cow disease, Oprah said the fear of MCD had stopped her eating burgers. Texas farmers sued her for dissing their meat. They lost.

Dean: Maybe they're being controlled somehow, you know, by something or someone.
Sam: You mean, like Willard?
Dean: Yeah, bugs instead of rats.
Sam: There are cases of psychic connections between people and animals. Elementals, telepaths...
Dean: Yeah, that whole Timmy-Lassie thing... Larry's kid, bugs for pets.

  • Willard: 1971 horror movie about a loser called Willard who hangs out with rats that he gets to kill people when they do him wrong. Sequel was Ben, which featured a title song by Michael Jackson – love song between a boy and his rat. Willard was remade in 2003.
  • Lassie: A collie which has featured in a number of movies and TV series since the 1940s. In the longest running TV series, Lassie was often involved in rescuing his young master Timmy, through actions that made him look like some sort of canine MacGyver. In Australia we had our version featuring Skippy the Bush Kangaroo and Sonny.

Dean (to Sam about how he didn’t quite fit in with John and Dean as demon hunters): You were kind of like the blonde chick in The Munsters.

  • The Munsters: 1960s TV series, sort of a more slapstick version of the sexier The Addams Family. The Munsters were another freaky family, except for cousin Marilyn who was a “normal” looking blonde girl. The rest of the ghoulish family always felt a bit sorry for her.

1.09 Home

Writer: Eric Kripke

Dean: First you tell me that you've got the Shining, and then you tell me that I've got to go back.

  • The Shining: 1980 movie directed by Stanley Kubrick and based on the Stephen King novel of the Same name. The young boy in the movie, Danny, can communicate telepathically – and this is referred to as having “the shining”. See any similarity in the hair department?

Dean: Missouri did her whole Zelda Rubenstein thing. The house should be clean; this should be over.

  • Poltergeist: Already referenced in Phantom Traveller, this 1982 movie was about a poltergeist that communicates with a little girl through the TV. Zelda Rubenstein played a psychic called Tangina who helped the family. In a piece of foreshadowing for this episode, in the movie she declares the house “clean” when it is nice, just like Missouri does. Like Missouri she also had an annoying voice.

1.10 Asylum

Writer: Richard Hatem

Dean: I'm Nigel Tufnel, from the Chicago Tribune.

  • Spinal Tap: This Is Spinal Tap is a 1984 mocumentary, directed by Rob Reiner about heavy-metal glam rock band Spinal Tap.

Dean: (about John’s writing in his journal) I love the guy, but I swear he writes like frigging Yoda.

  • Star Wars: Powerful member of the Jedi Council in the Star Wars verse. He is short with furry ears and talks in a weird enigmatic way as in “Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.” Sounds suspiciously like Fozzie Bear.

Dean: (to Sam) Let me know if you see any dead people, Haley Joel.

  • The Sixth Sense: Haley Joel Osment plays a young boy who sees dead people in this 1999 movie. In the great tradition of child actors, by 2006 Haley Joel had his first DUI and drugs arrest. (and again with the hair...)

Dean: Hey, Sam, who do you think is a hotter psychic: Patricia Arquette, Jennifer Love Hewitt, or you?

  • Medium (2005 -): Patricia Arquette stars in this series loosely based on the life of Allison DuBois who used her psychic abilities to assist police.
  • Ghost Whisperer (2005- ): Jennifer Love Hewitt stars as Melinda Gordon, a woman who sees and communicates with the recently dead who have issues to resolve before they can cross over.

Dean: Man, electroshock, lobotomies, they did some twisted stuff to these people. Kind of like my man Jack in Cuckoo's Nest.

  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest: 1975 movie directed by Milos Forman based on the book by Ken Kesey. Jack Nicholson stars as McMurphy, who is facing a prison sentence and gets himself committed to a psychiatric institution because he thinks it will be an easier option (Michael Scofield take note). In reality he experiences dehumanising treatment.

Dean: Spirits driving them insane. Kind of like my man Jack in The Shining.
Dean: All work and no play makes Doctor Ellicot a very dull boy.

  • The Shining: First referred to in 1.09 Home. In The Shining, Jack Nicholson’s character is driven mad by ghosts in an old hotel. One sign if this is his repeated typing of the phrase “"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."

1.11 Scarecrow

Writer: John Shiban
Dean: Let’s just shag ass before Leatherface catches up.

  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre: 1974 Slasher flick about a family of Texas cannibals. And you thought the Winchesters had issues. Made by the same company that made Deep Throat and financed with the profits of that movie. Leatherface is one of the family who wears a mask made of human skins and likes wielding a chainsaw. The family’s home is decorated with furniture and items made of human skin and bones. This interior design style is later referenced again in 1.15 The Benders.

1.12 Faith

Writer: Sera Gamble and Raelle Tucker

Dean: Have you ever actually watched daytime TV? It's terrible.

  • This may be a reference to Jensen past role in a daytime tv soap opera as Eric Brady on "Days of Our Lives."

Dean: That fabric softener teddy bear. Ooh, I want to hunt that little bitch down.

  • Snuggles Fabric Softener Bear: Dean’s desire to kill the Snuggle’s bear is either indicative of an unresolved Oedipal complex, or the fact that Dean hates laundry.(See: The Laundry List [1] )

1.13 Route 666

Writer: Eugenie Ross-Leming

Nothing, seriously, what a let down!

1.14 Nightmare

Writer: Sera Gamble and Raelle Tucker

Sam: (using an alias to get an address) McReady. Detective McReady, badge number 158.

  • Hobgoblins: 1988 shlock horror movie, bit of a Gremlins ripoff, features a character called Mr. McCreedy. The hobgoblins make people's wildest fantasies come true and then kill them.

Dean: "Good afternoon. I'm Father Simmons, this is Father Frehley. We're new junior priests over at St. Augustines. May we come in?"

  • Gene Simmons, bass lead vocals, and Ace Frehley, lead guitar and vocals, were two members of the band Kiss.

1.15 The Benders

Writer: John Shiban

Mrs. McKay: Tell the officers what you were watching on TV.
Evan: Godzilla versus. Mothra.
Dean: That’s my favourite Godzilla movie! It’s so much better than the original, huh?
Evan: Totally.
Dean: Yeah. (points to Sam) He likes the remake.
Evan: Yuck!

  • Godzilla versus Mothra (1964): Mutant gaint dinosaur who gets super powers from a nuclear blast, Godzilla first appeared in a 1954 Japanese film. Many films featured Godzilla - in the fourth film Mothra was enlisted to fight him. The foes met again in the Millenium series (1999-2004) movie called Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack. However I think the remake Dean refers to Sam liking would be the really lameass 1998 American remake Godzilla starring Matthew Broderick

Jenkins: But I’m waiting.
Sam: Waiting for what?
Jenkins: Ned Beatty time, man.

  • Deliverance (1972): Four city boys go canoeing and Bobby (Ned Beatty) gets ass-raped by a toothless rednecked hillbilly while banjo music plays.

1.16 Shadow

Writer: Eric Kripke

Meg: Oh, I did. I came, I saw, I conquered. Oh, and I met what’s-his-name, something Michael Murray at a bar.
Sam: Who?

  • Chad Michael-Murray: aka Mayhem. Worked with Jared on Gilmore Girls and House of Wax and with Jensen on Dawson's Creek. Main claim to fame is bedding barely legal teens. See also Douchebag.

1.17 Hell House

Writer: Trey Callaway

Craig Thurston:Yea, I'm a writer too. I write for my school's Lit. magazine.
Dean: Ahh, good for you Morrison.

  • James Douglas Morrison (December 8, 1943 – July 3, 1971) was an American singer, poet, songwriter, writer, and film director. He is best known as the lead singer and lyricist of The Doors, and is widely considered to be one of the most charismatic and influential frontmen in rock music history

Dean: Who ya gonna call?

  • Ghostbusters: Classic 80's comedy flick about a bunch of guys who hunt the supernatural.

1.18 Something Wicked

Writer: Daniel Knauf

  • ThunderCats: The cartoon that Sam is seen watching during Dean's first childhood flashback is ThunderCats, an 80's cartoon about a group of cat-like warriors from Thundera who battle evil mutants on a foreign planet. The show is also seen briefly when Dean is watching TV in the wish-verse in 2.20 What Is and What Should Never Be. In 14.04 Mint Condition Sam finds a case that involves a possibly-possessed ThunderCats figure that Dean is excited to investigate.

1.19 Provenance

Writer: David Ehrman

Dean: Maybe some things in the painting changed as well, you know. Could give us some clues.
Sam: What, like a Da Vinci Code deal?
Dean: Um, no, I'm still waiting for the movie on that one.

  • The Da Vinci Code now IS a movie starring Tom Hanks, based on the book by Dan Brown which supposed Leonardo Da Vinci encoded messages in his paintings about the fact Jesus had a relationship with Mary Magdalene and had offspring.

Dean: Daddy dearest isn't here.

  • Mommie Dearest: 1981 film based on the biography by Christina Crawford about her actress mother Joan Crawford. A wonderful overacted camp melodrama that is a must see for anyone who ever thought their mother was a bitch and got thrashed for not using the good coat hangers: "no wire hangers ... ever!"

1.20 Dead Man's Blood

Writer: Cathryn Humphris and John Shiban

Dean: Sounds more like That's Incredible than Twilight Zone.

  • That’s Incredible: 1980s TV show featuring freaks, stunts and shoddy re-enactments of paranormal events.
  • Twilight Zone: 1959-1964 TV series (brought back in several incarnations) Crossing horror, thriller and science fiction genres that told short stand alone stories usually with a killer twist. The original series in particular, was notable for using these genres to subtly examine current social and political issues.

1.21 Salvation

Writer: Sera Gamble and Raelle Tucker

Sara and Raelle give us NOTHING!!! I'm inviting these girls over for a slumber party and movie marathon.

1.22 Devil's Trap

Writer: Eric Kripke
Dean: Oh we're going for it, baby. Head spinning, projectile vomiting, the whole nine yards.

  • The Exorcist: 1973 horror movie about demon possession. Apparently the projectile vomiting really was pea soup. Starred Linda Blair who appeared in 2.07 The Usual Suspects.

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