Susan Thompson

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Name Susan Thompson
Actor Annie Wersching
Location Cornwall, Connecticut
Occupation Hotel manager
Episode(s) 2.11 Playthings


Susan is the manager of the Pierpont Inn in Peoria, Illinois. Her daughter Tyler Thompson and her mother Rose Thompson, the wheelchair-bound victim of a stroke, live with her. The inn is about to be sold, and people involved in advancing the sale are being killed in unusual ways.


2.11 Playthings

Sam and Dean visit the Pierpont Inn to investigate after learning of the freak accidents that have been going on at the inn. After Susan checks them in, the brothers sneak into Rose Thompson's room to see if she is responsible for the possibly hoodoo related deaths. Susan catches them and orders them to leave. When Susan is preparing to take her daughter out of the hotel, she is nearly killed by a driver-less car, but is saved by Sam.

Sam and Dean tell Susan that a spirit is haunting the inn, and she reveals that her mother's sister, Maggie Thompson, drowned in the pool as a child. Maggie tries to drown Tyler to keep her at the hotel, and Susan, Sam, and Dean cannot rescue her, but Rose sacrifices herself to act as Maggie's companion forever, and Tyler is saved.