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5-08 Title Card.jpg

In 5.08 Changing Channels, Dean and Sam are stuck playing sitcom versions of themselves. The show begins with Sam entering into the motel (a much cheery and bright version) were they were staying. He begins to ask if Dean has done any research in which Dean answers that he has. Right then, a young, good-looking brunette wearing black underwear comes from the bathroom and says, "Dean, ready for some more research?" Sam looks at Dean and Dean says "Son of a bitch!"

The scene then cuts to the opening credits, set to "Together (The Supernatural Sitcom Theme)." Images of the boys playing, drinking beer and hunting appear.

After the credits, the scene returns to Sam and Dean. The girl leaves and the two are just smiling, when Sam and Dean slightly argue, the fake audience laughs causing Dean to get angry. Right then Castiel bursts into the room and tries to tell Sam and Dean important information, but is snapped away.