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Supernatural Seriously Awesome is a Facebook group for Supernatural fans.

The place to be for good times and all things supernatural. Your hosts are Kymmy and Tracey from Australia, Sonya from America and AMB from the UK. Yep all time zones!

TV Guide Project

When TV Guide announced Supernatural had won the first ever fan favorites cover, Supernatural Seriously Awesome, wanted to try and get as many issues as possible out to the international fans because if not for their constant voting, this win wouldn’t have been possible.

The same evening the fantastic win was announced, SSA admins Tracey and Sonya were discussing the fact that international fans might not be able to buy the magazine. A few fans were also in on the discussion. One thing led to another and before the night was over, we had our first volunteers who wanted to help our international family. Tracey and Sonya collected addresses of international fans and paired them up with volunteers who were willing to send the magazine. We had people who sent as many as 20 magazines to fans overseas. We sent out over 100 TV Guides at no cost to the international fans. It was purely out of our love for the show that we wanted to share the win with those who helped make it possible.

After receiving/sending their TV Guides, fans were encouraged to participate in the next part of the project by uploading their picture, with their TV Guide and something that represented their country, to the SSA Facebook page. They were also told to leave a message for the cast and crew. They have been teased constantly that this was a semi-secret super special project and even though they weren’t sure what the end results would be, they came through with flying colors. Over 100 pictures have been uploaded to the page, most with messages attached.

The pictures and messages were being put into a scrapbook for the Supernatural cast and crew and will be presented to Jensen and Jared at the Salute to Supernatural Nashville 2011 in June. You can see Jared holding the book during the J2 panel.

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