Supernatural Salvation and Supernatural Redemption

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This project is a liveaction fanmade, Supernatural spinoff series. There are nine episodes - Supernatural Salvation is four episodes, while Supernatural Redemption is five episodes. The series which will be released on Tuesday and Thursdays over December 2010 and January 2011.

Supernatural Salvation: Casey (Brian Groth) and Alex (J.D. Casto), two roommates in college, hunt the things that go bump in the night. Your nightmares are their reality. With the help of angels Ariel (Kaitlin Elizabeth Baxter) and Ezekiel (Travis Ray), the four team up to stop Lilith (Katy Polimeno), the first demon, from breaking the 66 seals of the Apocalypse. Facing demons, angels, and amateur hunter Jordan (Helene Marcantonio) these roommates have their fair share of work to do.

From creator J.D.Casto:

This mini-series was in development for three years. My friends and I - all actors and filmmakers - wanted to do our own spin-off of the show with characters and plots that would directly tie in to the show's mythos. I essentially sat there and said - Hey, those kids from the episode "Asylum" whatever happened to them? Would they become hunters after the Winchesters saved them? That's what I really wanted to explore - when the Winchesters leave, what happens to the people they save? Our original idea was a three season (6 episode per season) arc that included Yellow-Eyes, a Lake Monster, and a lot of other things that student filmmakers just couldn't do along with classes. So, flash forward to May of this year. I had written the first season of the mini-series - Supernatural Salvation - and was beginning to cast before school let out. We went on summer break, and I worked a 9-5 job and wrote on my breaks and essentially all other "free time" I had during the summer.
I had been in contact with my college's television studio and begged them to let me come down to shoot this feature length mini-series for their station, and with a few emails, my cast of 30 and crew of 4 were approved to come down a week before classes to shoot. After 5 20-hour days in a row, the mini-series was in the can. Over the course of the semester, my friend Nastassia Alayeto and I edited the project and noticed a few plot holes. I went back and wrote an additional 30 pages of material. We went back into production and our 60 min mini-series turned into an 80-min mini-series!