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Jared and Jensen with producer Cyrus Yavneh in front of the postcards

In January 2007, halfway through Season 2, TV Guide's Michael Ausiello, published an article about the uncertain future of Supernatural. In response, a wide range of fan efforts began to promote the show.

The Supernatural Postcard Campaigns started in January 2007 and ran two campaigns during the second season: one aimed at showing support to the cast and crew, and the other aimed at demonstrating support to the network executives. Both campaigns were coordinated from the site spn_postcards.

The campaign of support to the cast and crew has continued through Season Three, Four, Five and now Six.

Supernatural Postcard Project

This on-going project encourages fans to send a postcard to the cast and crew in Vancouver to thank them for their very hard work on the show.

Over 200 postcards were sent during the first campaign. Lesley DeHaan - under her psuendonym vancouvernights - sent pictures of the postcards from the production office and commented to say how thrilled they were with the postcards.

Executive producer Bob Singer knows firsthand how passionate the fans are. "Our office in Vancouver is just plastered with postcards. People that are into the show are really into it." S1Com

Urban Legend Postcard Project

This campaign ran in 2007 and aimed to demonstrate support for the show to The CW network executives by sending in a postcard with an Urban Legend or Ghost Story native to the sender's home town on them. The bottom of this postcard, contained the following message:

"Without the Winchesters, who will hunt the demon/ghost/witch ?"
Let's keep this road trip going!