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Supernatural Legend - {The first Italian Site}


Supernatural Legend has been online since February 13th 2007, a year after the Series Premiere on The WB, known to have broadcasted one of my favorite series, 'Charmed'. Maybe the idea for Supernatural Legend has been given to me by the end of Charmed, by the need to replace it with something else. I’ve seen the Pilot and it’s been love at first sight. That’s how Supernatural Legend has been created, and now it’s the first and only Italian website about the series, now broadcasted by The CW. The website’s name is directly linked to the series’ name and to the treated themes, the legends. On the website, you can find episode guide filled with technical info, detailed sinopsi, notes, trivia, quotes and bloopers; in addition, you’ll find all the latest spoilers on future episodes (often released before american fan sites), info about the series, its cast, characters, critics, conventions, and much, much more. In the Media section, you can find all the trailers, videos and openings used by the network and some creations made by fans. In the Product section, you’ll find info about the official magazine, DVDs, books, gadgets and so on. Beyond all these sections, essentials to every fansite, there’s a huge Photos Gallery where you can find hq photos of the cast, episodes, back stage, billboards, events and much, much more. Impala's Radio you can find all the titles and covers of the songs used in the series. There are some specials about central songs used in the show. In the Comics section you'll find a complete guide to all the comics made in USA, with synopsis and technical info. We've also got a cool section about Ghostfacers and everything about this web-series. We also have interviewed one of the main characters, AJ Buckley and we hope to have the video soon. If you love this series all you have to do is to visit us and find all the surprises we’ve got for you. We’ll wait for you!


Supernatural Legend’s Community can count on more than 2000 users and it’s strictly linked to the main website. Here, you can review all the news, episode and the series in its whole.


This is a special section. Here, we’re publishing all the projects made by our staff. For now, you can find some interviews to the president of the Italian network which broadcasts Supernatural (Rai2) and to Sam and Dean Italian voices. A special section dedicated to the 4x22 'Lucifer Rising' final scene mini parody made by three members of our staff, complete with photos, detailed info, billboard and web-episode. And last, but not least, the section we are most proud of, ‘cause we’re the only ones to have it among all the website dedicated to this series: we’re talking about "Jared & Jensen in Love, where we analyze through photos, videos and tales, Jared/Jensen – Sam/Dean love relationship.


Some staff members and many of our users had attended the first italian convention about Supernatural from April 2nd to April 4th 2010 in Rome. You can find photos, reviews, videos and so on on the Special Section dedicated to 'Jus In Bello' Convention.


You can follow Supernatural Legend on all the social networks available: Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Live Journal.


Soon you’ll find an exclusive section dedicated to the series’ mythology from season one to season six. We’ll talk very accurately about all the legends, monsters, demons, angels etc seen on Eric Kripke’s series. >>