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The Supernatural Hanky Code was created at Wincon 2007 by a panel full of fans.

It stems from a practice common among gay men which started out in the 70s, so they could announce their particular sexual desires via code, noone else would understand. This Hanky Code (apart from being fun) was made to find fellow fen with common kinks:

Hanky worn on the right pocket of your pants: My Kink
Hanky worn on the left pocket of your pants: My Squick

Brown - 3somes
Orange - Anything, Anywhere, Anytime (I'm a slut)
Black - BDSM
Leopard Print - Beastiality
Rust - Bloodplay
B&W Check - Bodyswap
Plastic Wrap - Breath Control
Shammy - Car Pron (in or with)
Hot Pink - Chastity/Orgasm Control
Shop Towel - Daddycest w/Dean
Flannel - Daddycest w/Sam
Grey - Dubious Consent
Neon Blue - Exhibitionism/Voyeurism
Lavender - Femmeslash
Lobster Bib - Food Porn
White - Gen
Yellow - Girl!(Sam and/or Dean)
Off-White or Bleach Spotted - Healing Power of Semen!
Peach - Het w/ Other Female Characters
Purple - Het
Diaper - MPREG
Neon Green - Outside Influences (Sex Pollen, Aliens Made Them Do It, etc)
Pea Green - Ponn Far (Mate or Die!)
Fuscia - Public Sex
Dark Pink - RPS
Red - Rape
Green - Rentboy
Burgundy - Sex Magic/Tantric
Teal - Slash w/ Other Male Characters
Red Silk - Slavefic
Sock (single, white) - Solo Sex
Green Silk - Tentacles!
Flesh - Toys
Desert Camo - Weapon Porn
Baby Blue - Weecest
Jungle Camo - Wincest (Sam/Dean)
Feather - Wingfic