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The Supernatural Friday Five was a meme that ran from October 2006, til October 2008. Each Friday a set of five questions relating generally to Suerpnatural were posted. Participants answered the questions on their own journal, and provided a link on the community, so members could read allt he varied responses. The community was moderated by dieseled, papered, and potthead.

An example of Friday Five questions from January 2008:

1.) January 24th was Dean Winchester's birthday! How do you think Sam and Dean celebrated (or didn't) Dean's last (unless Sam saves him) birthday?

2.) Why do you think John told Dean about the world of the supernatural when Dean was just a kid, but didn't bother to tell Sam?

3.) In "Bloody Mary", Sam's eyes bled because he kept his dreams about Jessica dying to himself. Dean's eyes bleed, too! Do you think the series has already revealed what Dean was guilty for? Or do you think we've yet to find out why Dean's eyes bled?

4.) We already know Sam is very heavily involved with the mytharc (Yellow-Eyed Demon, Sam's powers/non-powers, "Boy King", etc.) of the show, but do you think Dean's Deadly Deal will finally get him directly involved in the mytharc? Or do you think Dean's Deadly Deal has nothing to do with the mytharc? Or something else?

5.) In the season 2 finale, Sam was officially dead for a short while. We know from "In My Time of Dying" that the dead can hang around for a short while before completely passing on. Do you think Sam went through a similar experience while he was dead? If so, what kinds of experiences do you imagine he had? Or do you think he just automatically passed on without lingering like Dean in IMTOD?