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On 17th March, a competition called "Join the Hunt" was launched for fans to design official t-shirts or the show based on the theme “Saving people, hunting things. The Family Business”.

Showrunners Jeremy Carver and Bob Singer explain the competition in the video here. Competition teaser video.

Fans voted for the top 20 favorites out of over 400 designs submitted, and the producers chose the final five winners.

From May 12th, one of the five winners was announced each day for 5 days. Each t-shirt was on-sale for 48 hours only.

10% of the proceeds of sales went to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

Winning Designs

Below are the winning designs with the description from the website.

The Family Business by Zennia Helles
DESIGN BY ZENNIA HELLES. She wanted to create a cool, sleek, "all ages, all genders" design with a modern and stylized feel that still remains true to the show Supernatural. She used simple colors and few elements but with high attention to quality and detail, keeping in mind how the finished product would print. She writes, "I designed something I would wanna wear myself! And that's always the best way to go, isn't it?" We couldn't agree more, and neither could you, the fans: this was one of the very top-voted favorites for all of you!

Shadows BY Veronique St Andre

DESIGN BY VERONIQUE ST. ANDRE: Also known as as Shan, she wanted to create a modern and stylized design that could easily translate the atmosphere of the show while keeping in mind the quality and how it translates onto a t-shirt. She opted for the silhouettes of Dean, Sam, and Castiel, because they often work in the shadows without anyone knowing that monsters and demons are constantly creeping around them. It turned out an incredible design, with high production value and relevance to the theme and show. Clearly one of the fan favorites too, this was one of the very top-voted -- we're glad you loved it as much as we did!

Three Step Program by Zee Mendoza

DESIGN BY ZEE MENDOZA: Also known as as Freakzter, Zee is a prolific and talented artist on DeviantArt and elsewhere. She created this hazard-style representation of what it takes to be a Winchester, and her design was a universal favorite during fan voting, and one of the cast and crew's as well. Split into three parts to represent the theme "Saving People, Hunting Things, The Family Business", each component draws you in for being deceptively simple, yet inredibly detailed and full of insider "jokes" and knowledge. Down to one brother being taller than the other, this tee is quintessential Supernatural!

The Family Business by Patricia Santos

DESIGN BY PATRICIA SANTOS: Patricia chose to highlight Supernatural's elements and also this season, Season 9's, elements. The First Blade and the Angel Blade are present because this season focuses on those weapons, as well as on the angels and demons. She also included baby, of course, and silhouettes of the boys. But the details just keep on coming with halos and angel wings, pointy tails, and more. A fan-favorite easily storming to the Top 20 based on the public voting, and a winning pick from the cast and crew as well.

Crazy People by Mika Marquez

DESIGN BY MIKA MARQUEZ: Designed by Mika, 18 years old, who says "Photoshop is the only think I'm kinda sorta good at," and the fans agreed. A top-voted fan favorite, Mika's short and sweet explanation of the design says it all: One of the best Dean quotes out there. The quote reads, "I mean, come on! We hunt monsters. Normal people they see a monster and they run. But not us. We search out things that want to kill us. You know who does that? CRAZY PEOPLE!" Including a pentagram and wings and graphically laid out beautifull and interestingly, this was the top-voted quote design, and one of the 5 top picks by the showrunners' as well.