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The ConZine is a "magazine dedicated to the Supernatural Conventions you attend and love". The zine is created by Supernatural fans who love the show and its conventions. The first issue is full of interviews from your favorite guests including Jim Beaver (Bobby), Traci Dinwiddie (Pamela), Richard Speight Jr. and MORE! There is a section dedicated to the famous Dean one-liners that we've nicknamed Deanisms and other fun tidbits about the convention and the world of the Supernatural fandom. The first edition was handed out at Salute to Supernatural Chicago 2009 free of charge in limited quantities.

The Conzine launched their website on November 25th 2009 and fans are able to purchase subscriptions to the magazine from there. When one subscribes to the zine, they will receive the first and second issues together. The second issue is currently a work-in-progress and will be available early-mid 2010.