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Every year around December I complain that there isn't a gorgeous Calendar of Supernatural fan art for sale. We have so many talented artists in this fandom, and i would love to have a calendar celebrating their work that can hang on walls across the world. So this year, using the print on demand service Lulu, i want to produce for sale a calendar of Supernatural fan art for 2019.

So I'm asking artists who want to be involved to submit their work for inclusion in the calendar. There will be one piece of art per month - so 12 pieces, with one per artist. I will select the art. I will be designing the calendar and including many Supernatural dates of significance in each month. I will choose these from entries here on the SuperWiki, and also ask the fandom thru Twitter which dates should be included. The calendar will then be available to buy through Lulu.


Art content: I am keeping the guidelines for the art pretty open. Feel free to ask me, or just submit anyway, if you are unsure.

  • It must be an artwork created by you. Google is my friend and I will be checking.
  • It must be related to Supernatural, which means the Show and its characters and world. So basically all the fictional stuff but not real world stuff such as the actors or conventions. However it doesn't need to be canon - if you want to paint Sam as a merman riding a unicorn that's fine!
  • Art depicting shipping is fine.
  • Art should be in the "safe for work" zone as calendars are things people actually do like to hang up at work.
  • The art can be in any media or form - traditional, digital, photography, cosplaying cats etc.
  • The art does not have to be done specially for the calendar - it can be an existing piece.
  • Submit as many pieces as you like!

Technical requirements: Your art needs to fit in a frame that is 11.25" x 8.75" or 3375 x 2625 pixels. I can resize things, but would prefer to have minimal manipulation involved so i don't screw up your art! This is a landscape orientation. UPDATE: PORTRAIT SUBMISSIONS NOW ALSO ACCEPTED! Resolution needs to be at least 300 dpi.

Selection: Inclusion in the calendar will be based purely on my personal preference for individual artworks, how i think they fit together as a collection and how they work in the calendar format. I will have an eye for balanced representation - i.e. I won't just select 8 artworks of Sam, three Impalas and a demon's trap. I am open to including art that either explicitly or implicitly depicts shipping, but that doesn't mean any ship or every ship will be included. I will have the final selection reviewed by a group of people to help ensure nothing that is for example cultural appropriation or an image harmful to a marginalized group included. Any artist located anywhere in the world is encouraged to submit, and I will be particularly putting the call out for artists of colour, First Nations artists, disabled artists, neurodiverse artists and sexuality and gender diverse artists, and any other group who are often under-represented as artists. I reserve the right to abandon the project if I don't feel there are sufficient artworks for selection.

Credit: To avoid any issues about using the name "Supernatural", this will be called the SuperWiki Calendar, and this will be included on the front cover. Artists are responsible for including your credit legibly on your art. This may be your name, social media handle or link to your website. You retain all rights to your artwork. Submission for the calendar only allows its use by me on the calendar and for associated marketing. If this is a previously posted artwork please provide a link to where it was posted to assist in me establishing provenance.

Submission and Deadlines: Send your art to me at with CALENDAR ART in the subject line no later than 20th September. Please include the artwork, it's title, any information about the art and yourself you would like to share and your credit (name, social media handle, link to website). I will be adding those details to this page when the final product is on sale. I will choose the art and respond to everyone by the 30th September. I am aiming to have the calendar designed and ready for your approval no later than 10th October. It will go on sale at the beginning of November.

Sign-off: You will be asked to preview the calendar digitally to approve the final version.

Money: The manufacturing cost on Lulu is $9.99 and I plan on charging $14.99 to customers (plus shipping which is around $5). The profit will be split evenly between myself and the 12 artists - so we each get 1/13th of the $4.99 profit per calendar. This works out at about 38 cents per calendar - obviously this is not designed as a money maker venture!