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Ever wonder what happens to the bodies, blood, and gore of the creatures that get killed? Who helps the hunters make sure no one knows about the supernatural?

Bree and Kat are - the Cleaners!

Cleaners and sometimes hunters-in-training, Aubree Colt and Kat Davis. Follow their adventures, learn about their network of allies, and what happens when the cleaning and hunting worlds collide. This spin-off web series is a love letter to the show Supernatural, with a twist!

Cassandra Walton (left) and Stacie Farr (right)

Who are the cleaners?

Aubree Colt (Stacie Farr) was raised in the lives of both cleaner and hunter. She was pulled into it at an early age when a hunter saved her and her mother from a demon. The hunter and her mom later married. She is soft spoken but deadly, highly intelligent, and strong.

Kat Davis (Cassandra Walton) was pulled into the cleaning and supernatural world later in life, though she learned about it at a young age. Her parents were murdered when she was five years old, but she was saved by a hunter and raised by her aunt. She is impulsive, street smart, and a party waiting to happen.

The story behind the show

Stacie and Cassandra with their Augusta Independent Film Festival awards

Season One of the series was posted in 2016, and Season 2 began posting May 2018.

On her inspiration for making the series, creator and star Stacie Farr said:

As a fan and actress, it hurts my feelings to never see myself represented as a main character or love interest on the shows, or in the genres that I love. The only black character getting love is Baby. Not one to hold a grudge, I still devote time, money and love to this show that is more than just a show, it’s a family and phenomenon. To that end, during several J2 (how the fandom affectionately refer to Jared and Jensen) panels, they both spoke on if you don’t find a vehicle or outlet to act in, create your own. They didn’t have to tell me twice.

And the web series Supernatural – The Cleaners was created. If you’re like me, I always wondered what happened to the bodies, blood and gore, and how the heck the guys didn’t get caught by the feds since they never seemed to clean up their fingerprints that were all over the place. Enter the girls Aubree (Bree) Colt and Kat Davis, the cleaners. Think of them as the Men In Black, in skirts.

At the 2018 Augusta Independent Film Festival, the series won two awards. Cassandra Walton, the actress that plays Kat, won the Best Actress award, and the webisode Black Days won for Best Narrative.