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Supernatural - Rising Son 1 - cover.jpg
Title Supernatural: Rising Son
Medium Comic
Creator(s) Peter Johnson and Rebecca Dessertine
Diego Olmos (artist)
Publisher DC's Wildstorm imprint
Release Date Issue 1: 23 April, 2008
Purchase Via DC's Wildstorm
Digital downloads by DC Comics

Supernatural: Rising Son is the name of the second series of comics set in the Supernatural universe, and like Origins, occurs in the pre-series era.

In terms of Supernatural's timeline, Rising Son is set around 1990, when Dean is 11 and Sam 7.

Although Peter Johnson (who also wrote Origins) will be writing Rising Son, a new artist will be used - Diego Olmos.

The first issue will be released on April 23, 2008.

A new collection featuring all six issues of the Rising Son comic was released on April 29, 2009.

  • This title was originally named "Supernatural: Revelations"; the change to "Rising Son" was first announced in article.

Set a few years after Origins, the story picks up with an 11-year-old Dean and a 7-year-old Sam traveling with their father, John. "Whereas the first series was more about John and his becoming a hunter, this one's much more of a dysfunctional-family story," explains writer Peter Johnson, who's also a coexecutive producer on the TV show. "We're really going to explore the differences between Sam and Dean in this one. Dean is becoming aware of what his dad's up to and we'll see him training and hunting a little bit, while John will start to key in on something different about Sam." ...Johnson says readers should expect "freakier monsters," including "some badass female villains and a big bad villain that may have something to do with the TV show." Some familiar faces, including fellow hunter Bobby, also show up.

– Ileane Rudolph (, First look at the New Supernatural Graphic Novel Rising Son

In the new series, Sam and Dean will be 7 and 11 respectively. Unlike the first comic series where the boys were left behind, Sam and Dean will be active characters. But active doesn’t mean that all three Winchester’s will be going into battle together. It’s more a time of discovery as the boys begin to understand the truth about John and their own family history.

Dean in particular will probably be a little more active in this series. We’ll explore his first hunt and how that shapes up. The training of Dean and the issues that will cause as John is treating the two boys differently, why he’s doing that, and what effect this has on Sam.

Another issue the comics will deal with is the potential influence of a maternal figure in the boys’ lives.

In the first issue, we have John happening upon a town that is curiously populated with a lot of young women. We’ll find out the supernatural reason for it, but we’ll also use that story for exploring the potential influence of maternal figures for the boys as John’s trying to protect them. Where we can, we want to tie in some of the evil forces they come up against with the family metaphor.

And speaking of mother figures, the mystery of Mary will deepen as John digs a little further into the life of the woman he loved.

He’s going to want to know more about Mary herself. Why Mary? Is there a key in her past that could help him understand why she died? That’s the drive going into this thing, and it will take a crazy twisted turn toward something more sinister.

– Peter Johnson, Interview with SF Universe Dec 7, 2007

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