Supernatural: Die Dämonenjäger

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Wesson daemonen.jpg
Title Supernatural: Die Dämonenjäger
Medium Novel (fiction)
Creator(s) Jake Wesson
Publisher VGS
Release Date September 15, 2007
Link link to the German publisher's page
Purchase available only via Amazon Germany

Supernatural: Die Dämonenjäger (Supernatural: The Demonhunters) is a German language book published by VGS following the first four episodes of Season 1 (1.01 Pilot, 1.02 Wendigo, 1.03 Dead in the Water and 1.04 Phantom Traveler) almost to the letter, by even taking the dialogue straight from the episodes.

The book has been published in cooperation with German tv broadcaster PRO 7 and is featured as Issue #1 in a series of Supernatural publications, that also include the German language versions of Supernatural: Nevermore (German title: Sie sind unter uns - They are among us) and Supernatural: Witch's Canyon (German title: Die Rückkehr der Toten - Return of the Dead).

Strangely enough, despite the name of the author indicating that there might be an English Version as well, no English version of this book has been published.

Blurb (translation)

"Brothers Sam and Dean, who have been brought up as fighters against the Supernatural by their father, criss-cross the country to hunt demons, ghosts and other horrors. They encounter dark powers wherever they go and need to fight them to reach their goal: Find and kill the Evil who murdered their mother in a cruel and mysterious way 20 years ago."