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The original Super Wiki logo was based on this drawing done by Sam in 1.09 Home

The Supernatural Wiki (Super Wiki for short) is an information resource that records the details of the CW TV series, Supernatural, and of the fan community that has grown around it.

The Super-wiki is huge; containing 4,603 pages, edited by 39,239 users, and drawing in over 300,000 visits a month from all over the world.

If you're feeling a little overwhelmed, use this page as a portal to the different things the Super-wiki can offer you.

  • About the Supernatural Wiki - Find out in slightly more detail what this site is for, how it works, who runs it, its history, and the principles it's based on.

If you're new to the Supernatural Wiki and don't know where to start, try browsing around here:

  • Episodes - The Super-wiki's most visited category. Here's where the minutiae of each episode of Supernatural is documented, with new episode pages created almost immediately after its air date, then built on continually afterward.
  • Characters - All the characters who've featured on the show.
  • Library - The Library is an invaluable resource for visitors doing research (whether for fanfiction, meta, or the simple drive of geekdom). It provides the specifics of various aspects of the show - including the pop culture references, Symbols & Rituals used, demonology and Category: Angel Lore invoked, and monsters fought. The information in the Library includes that provided by Supernatural's canon as well as further research done by fans.
  • production: Behind the scenes with the Cast and Crew, the Merchandise and Promotion associated with the Show.

Return Visitor?

  • New Pages - Or get the low down on new pages that have been created.

New Editor?

  • Sign Up - Grab yourself a username so you can start editing and adding pages.
  • Mission & Purpose & Copyright Guidelines - Familiarise yourself with our guidelines, which have been created to both cover our asses legally and to make sure the Super-wiki stays a happyfun & useful place.
  • Guide for Use - The slightly shorter Guide for Use will sum it up in a nutshell for you, and give you some links where you can find out about the incredibly-easy wiki formatting and whatnot.
  • Super-wiki:Ideas - Have an idea for a page but don't want to do it yourself? Or want help doing it? Post your suggestion on this page and the Admins will help you out.