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The Supernatural Wiki strives to provide a reliable resource by documenting information as accurately as possible. Therefore, the Super-wiki requires citation of original sources whenever possible. The Super-Wiki admin team encourages editors to follow the guidelines below.

Throughout the Super-wiki you will find tags used for often cited sources. Find a list of these tags below:

Specific Episodes

For citing specific episodes, use the numerical prefix that indicates the season and episode number. For example, In My Time Of Dying is 2.01.

For example: The use of the Sigil of Azazel by John2.01 suggests a connection between this infamous demon and the Yellow-eyed Demon.

To cite something from an episode:


(Changing the numbers to reflect the episode you are citing.)

The Supernatural Book of Monsters, Spirits, Demons and Ghouls

BoM - Irvine, Alex: The Supernatural Book of Monsters, Spirits, Demons and Ghouls, Harper Entertainment, USA, 2007

For example: Vampires can be killed by decapitationBoM.

To cite something from the Book of Monsters:


Supernatural: Origins

Or1 - Supernatural: Origins #1
Or2 - Supernatural: Origins #2
Or3 - Supernatural: Origins #3
Or4 - Supernatural: Origins #4
Or5 - Supernatural: Origins #5
Or6 - Supernatural: Origins #6

For example: Dean was able to drive at age 10Or2.

To cite something from Origins:


(remember to change the number to the relevant issue.)

Official Novels

NoNm - DeCandido, Keith. R.A.: Nevermore. A Supernatural Novel, August 2007
NoWC - Mariotte, Jeff: Witch's Canyon. A Supernatural Novel, November 2007

For example: John helped Sam fill out his college application formsNoNm.

To cite something from an Official Novel:


(Using Nevermore as an example here.)


S1DVD - Supernatural Season 1 DVD (e.g. commentary, documentary, featurette)
S2DVD - Supernatural Season 2 DVD

For example: Jared is known for his love of candyS1DVD.

To cite something from a DVD:


(Using the S1 DVD as an example here.)

Official Companions

S1Com - Knight, Nicolas: Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 1, Titan Books, 2007
S2Com - Knight, Nicolas: Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 2, Titan Books, 2008

For example: Eric Kripke was influenced by Jack KerouacS1Com.

To cite something from an official Companion:


(Using the S1 Companion as an example here.)

Official Website

OWs - Official Website

For example: The code for the Weapon's Case is 110283OWs.

To cite something from the Official Website:


Other web-based tie-ins

JB - Jo's Blog


JJ - John's Journal


PoD - Pad of Definitions

You may wish to link to the main PoD category page in your citation:


Or use pipes to link to a more specific page, eg:

The figure of the Trickster is often considered a demigodPoD.


Citing other sources not listed here

You may use "pipes" to link to other sources without pre-defined citation tags.

For example: Kim Manners introduced Jensen & Jared to 'Wincest' source.

To cite something from another source using a 'pipe':

<sup>[[Asylum (convention)|source]]</sup>

(Using the example of the Asylum convention.)