Stuart Blake

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Name Stuart Blake
Actor Kurt Ostlund
Location Salem, Ohio
Occupation Smash! Pow! Collectibles employee
Episode(s) 14.04 Mint Condition


Stuart Blake is an employee at Smash! Pow! Collectibles in Salem, Ohio. While his passion for comics can rub people the wrong way, Samantha Juarez and Dirk Winchell stick by his side. Due to Stuart's poor impulse control, he ends up getting fired twice by Smash! Pow!'s original owner, Jordan MacNeel. After Jordan's death, Samantha and Dirk hire Stuart back; even though he continues to steal from the store, Samantha starts docking his pay for the items taken.


14.04 Mint Condition

Stuart is preparing to close up the comic shop for the night when he comes across a Mezco 15" Mega-Scale Panthro and decides to steal it. As he's putting the figure in his bag, Samantha Juarez makes a video call to him to complain of his treatment of a customer. Understanding of his love for the job, she asks him to calm down because the shop needs all the customers that they can get. Stuart agrees, and as he is about to leave, he pauses as if to put the Panthro back, but continues out the door. At his mother's house, Stuart is on the phone arguing with a pizza shop about a late delivery when he notices the Panthro standing on the floor. As he goes to investigate, he is awed to see the figure come to life, before his awe turns to horror as he is viciously attacked.

After Sam finds a video online of Stuart recounting his attack, the Winchesters head to Salem, Ohio, to interview him. When they meet with Stuart at his mother's house, he denies that the attack ever happened, becoming angered by Sam and Dean's questions, and kicks them out. Soon after his mother leaves, Stuart is attacked by a floating chainsaw which severely injures him.

Resting in the hospital, Sam and Dean realize they are dealing with a ghost, which Sam learns is the former owner of Smash! Pow! Collectibles, Jordan MacNeel, who is attempting to kill Stuart for his persistent theft of items from the store. Learning that Jordan is heading to the hospital, Dean places Stuart and Dirk Winchell in a salt circle for their protection as he goes to hunt down Jordan.