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Who the hell is Stephanie Ware?

This a perfectly good question to ask, but not easily answered.

If you type the names "Jensen Ackles Stephanie Ware" into a search engine, you get a lot of hits. Allegedly, someone is claiming on IMDB message boards as well as other internet blogs and forums, that Jensen is married to an actress named Stephanie Ware.

This rumor has been spread all over the internet since 2006 - with people alternatively claiming they ARE Stephanie Ware - and yes, are married, or no, never have been married to Jensen Ackles, or they are related to Stephanie Ware and can confirm the marriage/ can't confirm the marriage.

This fandom wank entry tracks the story of Stephanie Ware Ackles' "marriage", as gossiped on the internet.

A very hardcore believer, called "Fencha" not only alternately poses as Stephanie Ware's cousin and various sockpuppets, but also claims to date Jared Padalecki.

2009 Update

Stephanie Ware is Pregnant! Yes the hilarious Stephanie Ware will not go away. Posting as one of her pseudonyms "TaylorWho" she announce Jensen is going to be a dad.

This is just one of her continuing loltastic posts, where she usually also appears as a sockpuppet in comments to attack anyone who questions her veracity, usually accusing them of being her arch nemesis Danneel Harris (Jensen's actual partner at this time).

You can follow her madness through her YouTube comments.

2010 Update

The plot thickens as items start to appear in 'post-it-yourself' news and entertainment sites claiming that Bianca Ware, the 19 year daughter of Stephanie Ware has married Jared Padalecki Source. Both Stephanie and Bianca appear on Twitter. It was reported that both jensen and Jared have emergency protective orders in the Los Angeles Superior Court against her, along with cease and desist lawsuits in Federal Court.

2011 Update

It seems that Stephanie Ware will just not go away.

She's launched a twitter attack on Jensen Ackles' wife, Danneel Harris through her sock puppet @lilianvivis, tweeting to the FBI's press office and demanding that they arrest Danneel Harris for "stalking and harrassing Stephanie Ware".

She's also most likely responsible for a series of online blog entries/articles, alleging that Danneel Harris was arrested in November 2010 for stalking Jensen Ackles and his "wife Stephanie Ware." [1] [2] [3] [4]

In August 2011, she edited this wiki removing all content from Danneel's page.