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Name Starr
Actor Morgan Taylor Campbell
Dates  ???? - 2014 (killed by Sheriff Donna Hanscum)
Location Hibbing, Minnesota
Occupation Vampire
Episode(s) 10.08 Hibbing 911


Starr was a vampire who was turned by Sheriff Len Cuse in the '60s. Once a part of his nest Starr adopted Len's philosophy of using every part of the human they kill, and to not just drink their blood.


10.08 Hibbing 911

Starr and her nest arrive in Hibbing, Minnesota after seeing their maker Sheriff Len Cuse's photo in a newspaper, promoting a sheriffs retreat. Once in Hibbing, the nest begins feeding, stripping their victims down to the bone, and using every part of their bodies. This brings on the attention of Sheriff Jody Mills, who becomes suspicious that the kills are not from an animal attack.

When Sam and Dean arrive after Jody informed them of the situation, they along with Jody Sheriff Donna Hanscum track Sheriff Cuse – who they believe to be behind the kills – to a barn just outside of town. It's there all four are ambushed by Starr and her nest. Starr ties everyone up, with the intent of forcing Sheriff Cuse to kill everyone and rejoin the nest. However Dean and Donna are able to free themselves, as Dean takes care of the two male vampires, Donna decapitates Starr with a machete before she is able to attack Jody.