Squee! The Fangirl Documentary

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Squee! The Fangirl Documentary celebrates fangirls from all different types of fandom, the fangirl community and their contributions to popular culture.


As fandom and geek culture grow ever more popular and inclusive, fangirls are still too often overlooked or depicted stereotypically. Documentary feature film Squee! explores the truth and celebrates the enthusiastic contribution of fangirls and the impact the fangirl community has on popular culture.

In dozens of interviews with self-identified fangirls including Bjo Trimble and Heidi MacDonald, the film explores how their community supports and encourages creativity, collaboration & friendships. Squee! also includes interviews with many members of the Supernatural cast, including Osric Chau, Briana Buckmaster, Gil McKinney, Lauren Tom, Curtis Armstrong, Chad Lindberg, Todd Stashwick and Amber Benson

Squee! has already been invited to screen next year at Stan Lee’s Comikaze and Seattle’s GeekGirlCon.


  • Squee! is the latest film project by independent filmmaker Hansi Oppenheimer. She created the documentary Color Me Obsessed, a film about punk band the Replacements.
  • Co-writer Dr. Lynn Zubernis is a clinical psychologist and professor at West Chester University. She is also Area Chair for Stardom and Fandom for the Southwest Popular Culture Association and has written seven books on fan culture, including the popular Fangasm book.
  • LA segment producer Eric Mittleman is a producer and writer, known for the films Comic Book: The Movie, Forbidden (2002), Creature Unknown (2004) and Watchful Eye (2002).

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