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Sam and Dean Spudchester….an excellent adventure! - October 2011

This is the story of Sam and Dean Spudchester and their excellent adventure to meet their look a likes, Sam and Dean Winchester - AKA Jared and Jensen

Sam and Dean Mr Potato Head Spudchesters NEW.png

I had one set made for me and one set made for Jensen and Jared. I know they received them, because Clif tweeted a photo of them on his car!

Clif's Spudchester tweet.jpeg

I took a set with me to Chicon in 2011 to share a photo with the boys and to have them signed. Jared played with Sam Spudchester's butt.

Spudchesters signed by the Js.jpeg

It was quite a long process to get them made. It was a journey that took them across two states of Australia and over the Pacific Ocean to Canada - with eBay side trips to Hong Kong!

You can read the whole story here... It really was an excellent adventure!