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Name Spencer Wallis
Actor Curtis Caravaggion
Dates  ???? - 2013 (killed by Sam and Dean Winchester)
Location St. Louis, Missouri
Occupation Witch
Episode(s) 8.15 Man's Best Friend with Benefits


Spencer Wallis is a witch living in St. Louis, Missouri. When police officer James Frampton became a witch after being introduced to the occult while working on a case with Sam and Dean, Spencer befriended him, but grew jealous when Portia chose to become James' familiar instead of his as he wanted her.


8.15 Man's Best Friend with Benefits

Wanting revenge on James Frampton for getting Portia, Spencer began murdering women and framing James for it by planting bloody clothes in his house while he was sleeping and planting a false memory of the murders in James' mind which appeared to him as dreams, making James believe he did it. Knowing that police detective Ed Stoltz had a grudge against James, Spencer ordered his own familiar Phillippe LeChat to pose as a witness to the crimes so Stoltz would have more on James.

When James got worried about his dreams, he approached Spencer with the problem and Spencer, pretending not to know anything, warned James about the problems of being both a cop and a witch, reminding him that there are no other witch cops out there.

Spencer being hit with a "witch bomb" spell, killing him.

Looking for information, Portia takes Dean to a witch bar where Spencer is at to ask him if he knows of anyway for a witch to compel another witch to do anything. Portia and Dean pretend that Dean is a wiccan from Detroit, Michigan and Spencer plays dumb, claiming that he knows of no way for another witch to have made James believe he committed these crimes.

After learning through astral projection that Phillippe is the witness against him, James questions Phillippe about this and when he admits that Spencer ordered him to do it, Spencer magically snaps Phillippe's neck, killing him. Spencer explains his plot to James, explaining how it was about James getting Portia, which shocks James as he'd believed Spencer to be his friend. James engages Spencer in a magical battle, but Spencer easily overpowers James and holds him in mid-air in great pain. When Sam and Dean try to intervene, Spencer incapacitates them by making them relive horrible memories, including Sam's time in The Cage, Dean's time in Hell and the encounter with his mother's ghost. However, Portia, in dog form, attacks Spencer, causing him to lose his grip on James, Sam and Dean and forcing him to fight her. Spencer quickly overpowers Portia, but Sam and Dean use the distraction to cast a witch-killing spell taught to them by Bobby Singer on Spencer, obliterating him and leaving behind nothing but a shower of blood.