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Assortment of specialty bullets.

These bullets were crafted by hunters as an easier means to stop certain types of monsters. In 14.01 Stranger in a Strange Land, one of the Apocalypse World hunters showed an assortment of these specialized bullets to Mary.


Angel-Killing Bullets

Bullets crafted from melted-down angel blades. These bullets are capable of killing angels, demons, reapers, and any other monster vulnerable to the effects of a blade.[1][2]

Colt Bullets

Silver bullets coated with a tincture made from holy oil, sage, and myrrh, followed by the recitation of a spell to mimic the original etchings. When used with the Colt, these bullets are capable of killing (nearly) anything.[3]

Dead Man's Blood Bullets

Bullets dipped in dead man's blood. These bullets can be effective weapons against vampires, as they disoriented one of the masked vampires via headshot. When shot in the chest, the Sam of the Butch and Sundance Ending collapsed.[4][5][6]

Devil's Trap Bullets

Bullets with a pentagram carved onto the top. These bullets can debilitate demons at a distance, keeping them from moving, escaping their meatsuits, or using their powers.[7]

Holy Oil Bullets

Hollow point bullets injected with holy oil. It is unknown the effect these bullets would have had on an angel or demon, as they hadn't been used.[8]

Witch-Killing Bullets

Hollow point bullets injected with witch-killing brew. These bullets are capable of killing witches who are otherwise invulnerable to traditional methods of dispatch.[9]