Specialty Bullets

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Assortment of specialty bullets.

These bullets were crafted by hunters as an easier means to stop certain types of monsters. In 14.01 Stranger in a Strange Land, one of the Apocalypse World hunters showed an assortment of these specialized bullets to Mary.


Angel-Killing Bullets

Bullets crafted from melted-down angel blades. These bullets are capable of killing angels, demons, reapers, and any other monster vulnerable to the effects of a blade.[1][2]

Colt Bullets

Silver bullets coated with a tincture made from holy oil, sage, and myrrh, followed by the recitation of a spell to mimic the original etchings. When used with the Colt, these bullets are capable of killing (nearly) anything.[3]

Dead Man's Blood Bullets

Bullets dipped in dead man's blood. These bullets can be effective weapons against vampires, but they haven't been used.[4]

Devil's Trap Bullets

Bullets with a pentagram carved onto the top. These bullets can debilitate demons at a distance, keeping them from moving, escaping their meatsuits, or using their powers.[5]

Holy Oil Bullets

Hollow point bullets injected with holy oil. It is unknown the effect these bullets would have on an angel or demon.[6]

Witch-Killing Bullets

Hollow point bullets injected with witch-killing brew. These bullets are capable of killing witches who are otherwise invulnerable to traditional methods of dispatch.[7]