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Isaiah Merchant

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* '''Appears in:''' {{RecurringCharacters|image= [[1File:IsaiahMerchant.19 Provenancejpg]]* '''Dispatched|name= Isaiah Merchant|actor= [http:''' When // Linden Banks]|dates= ????-2006 (spirit dispatched by [[Sam ]] and [[Dean salt and burn his bones]])|location= New Paltz, New York* See also |occupation= [[Ghost]]|episodes= [[1.19 Provenance]]}}
'''==History==Isaiah Merchant''' was a barber who adopted a young girl named [[Melanie Merchant|Melanie]] who's family had been murdered. Unknown to him, Melanie was the killer. Isaiah was described as being a harsh man in life. He and his entire family were murdered one night by Melanie with a straight razor and she then killed herself. Isaiah was blamed for the murders and no one knew the truth for a long time. Melanie's spirit possessed a painting of the family and would kill the owners of the painting and , Isaiah possessed it too in an attempt to warn people about his evil daughter. He would change things in the painting to try to convey the warning, but no one got it until [[Sam ]] and [[Dean Winchester ]] investigated some of Melanie's murders. Isaiah tried to warn them by looking at Melanie in the painting and opening the straight razor, but failed as they believed him to be the murderer. Presumably in an attempt to lead them to Melanie's remains, Isaiah changed the painting within the painting to show the Merchant Mausoleum where his family's ashes were interred with a doll of Melanie's that contained a lock of her hair that tied her to the Earth. The Winchesters and [[Sarah Blake]] traveled to the mausoleum where they found the ashes of his family and no Isaiah. Still believing him to be a murderer, they found out his surviving relatives didn't want him interred with his family and had him buried in a pauper's grave. Sam and Dean salted and burned Isaiah's bones, putting him to rest and changing the painting back to normal, but also getting rid of all of his warnings about Melanie's true nature.

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