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3.11 Mystery Spot

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A very dark montage starts with Sam driving the Impala, a distant look on his face. He’s shown hunting alone across the country, pulling off some big kills, while [[Bobby]] leaves him a set of messages asking him to call, mentioning that he hasn’t heard from Sam in three months and is worried. Sam arrives at a motel, and the weapons in the Impala are now all organized in foam casing (à la [[John Winchester]]). Without expression, Sam fixes his own gunshot wound inside the room, cutting off his shirt, picking out the bullet and stitching himself up. He eats alone, cleans a gun while examining with a cold stare the set of pictures on the wall tracking the Trickster, and makes the bed in meticulous fashion after waking. He brushes his teeth and stares in the mirror at a reflection that is defeated and emotionally dead inside. Finally, a message from Bobby plays in the background, claiming that he has found the Trickster.
Sam goes to Bobby at the Mystery Spot, and Bobby tells him that in order to pull off the summoning ritual they will need a gallon of fresh blood, meaning they will have to bleed someone dry. Sam coldly tells Bobby he’ll go find some, and Bobby is appalled that Sam is willing to kill an innocent person. Bobby gets out a knife and tells Sam to kill him instead. Sam agrees, but from behind Bobby , he pulls out a wooden stake and stabs him through the heart, saying he’s not Bobby. The Trickster emerges and tells Sam he is right. Sam tearfully begs the Trickster to bring back Dean, but the Trickster says that Sam should let him go because Dean will always be his weakness, his enemies know it, and nothing good will come of their sacrifices for each other -- only pain. Sam still begs, so the Trickster snaps his fingers.
Sam wakes up in the motel room with "Back in Time" playing on the radio. Dean is there, and a shaken Sam gets up and gives Dean a huge hug. They leave together, and Sam is somber, deeply affected by his experience. He sees the unmade bed and realizes that life without Dean will still happen.

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