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3.11 Mystery Spot

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Sam wakes up in a motel room to "Heat of the Moment" by Asia where he finds Dean already up and getting dressed. Dean goes through a long and irritating morning bathroom routine, and they go to the local diner for breakfast. Sam tells him about a man that disappeared at the Broward County Mystery Spot. Dean orders the Tuesday special, "Pig 'n a Poke with a side of bacon," and as the waitress delivers their coffee, she accidentally drops a bottle of hot sauce on the floor.
As Sam and Dean walk down the city block discussing the Mystery Spot, thy they run across a barking golden retriever, a blonde woman who Dean bumps into, and movers struggling to get a desk inside a building. When night falls they break in to the tacky tourist trap after hours, but as they're wandering through the halls, the owner approaches them with a shotgun. The gun goes off by mistake, and the bullet hits Dean square in the chest. Sam frantically rushes over to Dean and tearfully holds him as he dies.
Sam wakes up to Asia again and sees Dean just like he did the day before -- teasing him by turning up the song, lip-synching, and bobbing his head to the beat. The same scene in the diner replays, befuddling Sam who catches the hot sauce from falling this time. They run across the dog, the woman, and the movers again while Sam convinces Dean to check out the Mystery Spot now instead of later. Dean agrees, steps out onto the street, and flies through the air in spectacular fashion when a speeding car hits him. Sam rushes to his side and is again traumatized by holding his dead brother in his arms.

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