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8.20 Pac-Man Fever (transcript)

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He points down. There's a dead man on the ground, his stomach distended. GUY #1 picks up a fallen branch and tries to poke at it.
No signs of burns on the vics. [she crosses them off the list on her iPad]
CHARLIE rummages through a box of fake passports and other IDs, cards etc. She opens her laptop and start starts typing in code. She pauses as she hears a sound, then continues typing. Funds are being transferred from multiple accounts (in the names of Christine E. Le Guin, Annie Tolkien and Susan Asimov) to a Gertrude Middleton.
Listen to me. This poison, it 's designed to put your mind into an endless cycle, while your insides turn to mush, okay, and its fuel is fear. Now call me crazy, but I think the only way to break the cycle is to let go of the fear and stop playing the game.

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