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Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital (GSPH)

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Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital (GSPH) is located in Ketchum, Oklahoma.
A [[Wraith]] is feeding on patients' brains, amplyfying amplifying their psychosis in order to saturate the brains in neurotransmitters.
===Staff===*'''[[Dr Fuller]]''' was one of the Psych ward counselors and was a staff member of Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital. He conducts an assessment interview with Sam and Dean - when they simply explain that they hunt monsters and are trying to stop the [[Apocalypse]], he admits them for treatment. He also conducts the group therapy session in which Sam takes part.
*[[Dr Erica Cartwright]] was an hallucination who appeared to Dean as a doctor who worked at '''GSPH'''.
*'''[[Karla]]''' was apparently a staff member who conducts medical exams on Sam and Dean at Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital. It was eventually reveled that she was a [[wraith]].
*'''[[Martin Creaser]]''' was a hunter who saved [[John Winchester]]'s life many times. He apparently stopped hunting after an incident in Albuquerque, which Sam and Dean knew about. The details of what happened are not revealed.
*'''[[Dean Winchester]]''' was temporarily a patient at '''GSPH'''. Under the [[wraith]] spell caused him to hallucinate and become disoriented.
*'''[[Sam Winchester]]''' was temporarily a patient at '''GSPH'''.
Under the [[wraith]] spell, Sam's anger became amplified into a murderous rage.
*'''Wendy''' was a fellow patient who randomly first kissed Dean and later Sam Winchester, saying she preferred him because he was "larger". She was very attractive for her young age and for her stunning appearance.

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