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5.16 Dark Side of the Moon (Transcript)

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Dean turns over, looks at Sam who also has a gun pointed at him.
DEAN: Mornin’.
ROY: Shut up. Hands where I can see ‘im'im.
Dean lifts his hands then lifts himself up.
ROY: (shifts to follow Dean’s movement) Stay the hell down.
WALT: Shoot ‘im'im.
ROY: Killin’ Sam was right but Dean…
WALT: He made us and we just snuffed his brother, you idiot. You want to spend the rest of your life knowing Dean Winchester’s on your ass, ‘cause I don’t. Shoot ‘im'im.
Dean, who’s been looking at Sam’s body, turns to face Roy.
DEAN: Whoa, I haven’t seen this in years.
SAM: Fire ‘em 'em up.
Dean lights Sam’s firework then his own. The go off, shooting red sparks into the sky.
CASTIEL: (on radio) Yeah, it’s me.
Dean gets back in the car.
DEAN: You gotta stop poking around in my dreams. I need some me time.
Sam shakes his head.
SAM: No, no. Okay. You… I get, sure. But me? Maybe you haven’t noticed , but I’ve done a few things?
DEAN: You thought you were doing the right thing.
SAM: Last I checked , it wasn’t the road to heaven that was paved with good intentions.
DEAN: Yeah, well, if this is the Skymall it sucks. I mean, where’s the triplets and the latex, you know? C’mon, a guy has needs.
SAM: Okay, what the hell was that?
DEAN: I don’t know , but we are taking the escalator back downstairs. (He hits the radio) Cas!
SAM: What are you doing?
DEAN: Okay. Thanks, Carol Ann. What was it?
CASTIEL: (on TV) Not what: , whom. Zachariah. He’s searching for you.
SAM: And if he finds us?
CASTIEL: (on TV) You can’t say yes to Michael and Lucifer if you’re dead , so Zachariah needs to return you to your bodies.
SAM: Great! Problem solved.
SAM: So what’s so important about Joshua?
CASTIEL: (on TV) The rumour rumor is; , he talks to God.
DEAN: And, so?
SAM: So... What do you think?
DEAN: I think we hit the yellow bricks; , find this Joshua cat.
SAM: (looks surprised) Really?
===Int – Boy’s Room – Day===
As the camera pulls back we see that his Dean's position has changed. He is now wearing sneakers with one shoelace untied. Dean’s wearing a T-shirt and a flannel button-up. The leather jacket is gone. Sam is back in his normal hunter clothes.
SAM: That was the road?
SAM: Mom?
There’s no response. Dean looks at Sam , then at Mary. She looks at him but not at Sam.
DEAN: I guess this is not your memory, Sam. Sorry.
Mary hangs up the phone and turns away from the table. She sniffs as if she’s fighting back tears.
SAM: What happens next.?
Dean goes to her and hugs her.
Sam looks enlightened. Mary and Dean break apart. She cups his cheek in her hands.
MARY: You are my little angel. (She smiles too wide.) How ‘bout 'bout some pie? Okay.
She moves away to get the pie and Dean goes to where Sam is waiting. Sam shakes his head sadly.
DEAN: (frowning) Whatever. Let’s keep moving.
They search the house. Opening , opening cupboards and drawers. Sam finds a postcard that says Route 66.
SAM: I’ve seen this somewhere before.
SAM: Stay. Bones-y, stay.
He walks out the door .
===Ext – Street – Night===
Where Dean had walked outside into daylight, but it’s now night. They meet Sam joins Dean in the middle of the street across from an old house with a wrap-around porch. When they turn to look at the shack they’d just left, it’s gone. Sam obviously remembers where they are. It takes Dean a moment but he also figures it out.
DEAN: What memory is this?
SAM: Man, I never got the crusts cut off my PB & J. I just don’t look at family the way you do.
DEAN: Yeah, but I’m your family…family.
SAM: I know…
ZACHARIAH: Guys, c’mon. You can run but you can’t run.
Dean and Sam turn around and run back the way they came. This time they come to a halt when confronted by a slim figure in a colourful colorful mask and a gold cape. The figure lifts one finger to his mouth to indicate they should be silent.
ASH: Shh. (He waves them forward.) Hurry! This way.
SAM: Wait. Who are you?
The room is much bigger than it should be. Even though it’s dim, tables and chairs are visible in the light from windows on the far side. The figure pulls of off his mask and his cape.
ASH: Buenos dias, bitches.
DEAN: Good God, the Roadhouse. It even smells the same.
ASH: (picking up his cape and mask) Bud, blood and beer nuts. It’s the best smell in the world. (He walks behind the bar and snaps his fingers.) How ‘bout 'bout a cold one? Up here? No hang-overhangover.
Dean and Sam sit on the bar stools.
SAM: Disneyland?
ASH: Mm-hmm. Yeah. See you got Winchesterland. (He holds up his hands to indicate the bar.) Ashland. (He points all around outside the bar.) A whole mess of everybody-else-lands. Put them all together: heaven. Right? At the centre center of it all? Is the Magic Kingdom. The Garden.
DEAN: So everybody gets a little slice of paradise.
ASH: Um, hmm. Uh, they went down fighting?
SAM: (nods) Yeah. ‘Til 'Til the end.
DEAN: (bitterly) Yeah, a lot of good it did. How ‘bout our folks.?
ASH: I’ve been looking all over for John Winchester, Mary too, but so far: nada. I’m sorry. But hey! There is somebody that wants to jaw with you. Hold up.
PAMELA: Nice to see you boys again.
ASH: (fake shivering) Ooo.
PAMELA: So. (She reaches over and swats him lightly on the head.) That’s for getting me killed.
DEAN: Yeah. That’s… probably less than I deserve. Makes you feel any better , we got Ash killed too.
At the bar, Ash raises his hand in a rock salute.
DEAN: I gotta go.
MARY: Then how ‘bout 'bout I tell you my nightmare, Dean? The night I burned.
As they watch, blood appears on the nightgown above Mary’s stomach.
Very large angel goons appear behind Sam and Dean, holding them easily in place.
ZACHARIAH: You know, I’d say the same thing about you, Sam , but I have actually grown quite fond of your mother. Or at least the Blessed Memory of her.
Zachariah moves Mary’s hair then bends down and kisses her neck. Dean has to look away.
ZACHARIAH: I think we’re going to be logging a lot of quality time together. I’ve discovered she’s quite the... MILF.
DEAN: You can gloat all you want, you dick, you’re still bald.
Zachariah breaks off to run his fingers down Mary’s arm. It’s Sam who can’t watch this time.
ZACHARIAH: (continuing)
Zachariah snaps his fingers and the image of Mary disappears.
JOSHUA: You see what you want to here. For some it’s God’s throne room; for others it’s Eden. You two, I believe it’s the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. You came here on a field trip.
Sam nods acceptance in agreement and remembrance.
SAM: You’re Joshua.
DEAN: (stunned) Not his problem?
JOSHUA: God saved you already. He put you on that plane. He brought back Castiel. He granted you Salvation salvation in heaven (he turns to face Sam directly) and after everything you’ve done too. It’s more than he’s intervened in a long time. He’s finished. Magic amulet or not, you won’t be able to find him.
DEAN: But he can stop it. He can stop all of it.
JOSHUA: I suppose he could , but he won’t.
DEAN: Why not?
JOSHUA: Why does he allow evil in the first place. ? You could drive yourself nuts asking questions like that.
DEAN: So he’s just going to sit back and watch the world burn?
JOSHUA: God was your last hope. I just… I wish I could tell you something different.
SAM: (concerned) How do we know you’re telling the truth. ?
JOSHUA: You think that I would lie?
SAM: It’s just that… you’re not exactly the first angel we’ve met.
JOSHUA: I’m rooting for you boys! I wish I could do more to help you, I do! But, ... I just trim the hedges.
DEAN: So what now.
The sound of wings is heard and Castiel is gone. Sam tosses his shirt on the bed angrily. Dean hasn’t looked up from the amulet in his hands.
SAM: We’ll find another way. We can still stop all this , Dean.
DEAN: (finally looking up) How?
SAM: I don’t know, but we’ll find it. You and me, we’ll find it.
Dean doesn’t look like he believes him and Sam knows it. Dean picks up his back bag and walks past Sam without saying anything. He doesn’t even look at Sam. At the door he pauses and drops the amulet in the trash. He opens the door and leave.
Behind him, Sam takes a deep breath. He looks sad, but determined.

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