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<BR><table style="background-color: #DCE3EB; border: 1px solid #0E5B8C; text-align:left; valign:top; font-size:8pt; margin-top:20px;" align="right" cellpadding="10" width="40%"><Tr><Td><font size="+0">'''SUPER-WIKI SPOILER POLICY'''</font>
Super-wiki aims to be '''100% spoiler free'''. If an episode has not aired in the USA, any information on it whatsover is considered a spoiler. This includes the title of the episode, casting news, quotes, images, etc - not just plot/mystery points.'''However as of January 2015, episode titles are no longer considered spoilers.'''
In consideration of this rule, please:
To remove the notice, simply remove the above code from the page.
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