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7.18 Party On, Garth (Transcript)

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A message box that says “Translating Japanese text to English” pops up on screen and then the page appears in English. It reads:
A Shojo (Heavy drinker or Orangutan) is a kind of Japanese sea spirit with a red face and hair and a fondness for alcohol. Legend has it, that workers at the breweries in Japan have seen a Shojo lurking about after indulging in their products. With the right Spell Box you can harness a Shojo to your will. The legend is the subject of a Noh play of the same name. There is a Noh mask for this character, as well as a type of Kabuki stage makeup, that bares [sic] the name. The Chinese and Japanese characters for Orangutan…Orangutan are the same, and can also be used in Japanese to refer to someone who is particularly fond of alcohol. Fatal weakness: Samurai sword consecrated with a Shinto blessing.
SAM<br />
But only with a samurai sword consecrated with a shinto Shinto blessing.

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