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Supernatural National Guard

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Supernatural National Guard (SPNNG) is a fan promotion group started in 2011.
[ The group's mission statement]:
::Join us and be a part of acting to support the show in public ways using marketing and publicity. We will be engaging in actions to support the show and activities that can affect it's success. This can include advanced creative participation to support the show including making specialized art, logos, videos, copy. Just ask to learn more. Our biggest initiative is about increasing the value of Supernatural sponsorship so the show has strong financial support.
::What we hope to accomplish: Encourage people to watch Supernatural who haven't before. Make sure current viewers are tuning in every Friday. Increase awareness of the link between advertisers/sponsors of Supernatural and the show's survival. We believe the best defense is a good offence, and that means using a strategy to ensure the show's financial stability. Ratings=Good, but advertisers receiving direct financial and vocal support from show followers=Priceless
We are not powerless, but our power is in our pocketbooks and it must be filtered through the people who are sponsoring the show.
What we are: Creative, smart, committed people who want to genuinely do small things that will have a BIG impact to support Supernatural.
Of course demonstrating our love for the show on the page is encouraged and providing links to other sites and info is also great. It will help us stay connected and on top of the latest information and opportunities and come up with ideas.
[ SPNNG on Tumblr] has a [ guide to ] listing which companies advertise during SueprnaturalSupernatural, a [ schedule] of who to tweet when, and a [ guide ] to showing tweet support through Twitter and other social media.
* [ SPNNG} ] on Facebook
[ @SPNNG] Follow us on Twitter for all the latest!
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