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2.18 Hollywood Babylon

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In the faux trailer for '''HellHazer II''', writer Martin Flagg is also credited as the writer of ''Cornfield Massacre'' and ''Monster Truck'', which are illustrated with images from Supernatural episodes [[1.11 Scarecrow (episode)]] and [[1.13 Route 666 (episode)]]. There's also a shot of the hook from [[1.07 Hookman (episode)]], of Claire's desiccated hands from [[2.07 The Usual Suspects (episode)]], Gordon and his bloody knife from [[2.03 Bloodlust (episode)]] and the inside of Angela's coffin from [[2.04 Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things (episode)]]. In Martin’s office there is also a poster for Carnivore Carnival which has an image from [[2.02 Everybody Loves a Clown (episode)]].
''swimming pools and movie stars'' is a line from the theme song of the TV show [ Beverely Hillbillies]

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