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2.18 Hollywood Babylon

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Name {{InfoboxEpisode|image= [[Image:Normal_SPNHollywoodBabylon1048.jpg‎]]|title= Hollywood Babylon|episode= Season 2, Episode 18|firstaired= April 19, 2007|director= [[Philip Sgriccia]]|writer= [[Ben Edlund]]|imdb=|download= [ iTunes], []|outline= Sam and Dean investigate the haunting of the Episode withheld due to possible spoilersset of a horror movie.|location= Los Angeles, California|timeline= set immediately after Heart}}
== '''SPOILER POLICY''' Synopsis ==Super-wiki aims to be '''100% spoiler free'''. '''If an episode has not aired in the USA, ''any'' information on it whatsover is considered a spoiler.''' This includes the title of the episode, casting news, quotes, images, etc - not just plot/mystery points.
In consideration of this rule, please:
* Do not post any spoilery material directly to Super-wiki.
* There are entries for unaired episodes - you may link to spoilery information from these entries, avoiding using spoilers in the link names (eg. [ click here for casting spoilers for episode 2.01] is acceptable).
* Do not upload any spoilery images.
'''Thank you for your consideration==Timeline and Location==Episode occurs immediately following [[Heart]]See the [[Timeline]] page also.'''
----Location is the Warner Bothers Studios in Burbank, Los Angeles
== Characters==
* [[Dean Winchester]]
* [[Sam Winchester]]
* [[Tara Benchley]]
* [[Brad Redding]]
* [[McG]]
== Music == See the [[Music]] page also. == Trivia ==  == Quotes ==  == Pad of Definitions== No Pad of Definitions for Hollywood Babylon (as of April 20) * See   ===Additional definitions provided by fans===   ==Trivia==   ==References==   ==Scripts, Sides & Transcripts== * [[2.18 Hollywood Babylon (transcript)]] [[Category:Episodes]][[Category:UnairedSeason 2]]

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