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Star Trek

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Two members of the Supernatural crew have connections to Star Trek. The director of [[1.06 Skin]], [ Robert Duncan McNeil] starred in [ Star Trek: Voyager] as Lt Tom Paris. Actor [[Mark Sheppard]], who plays [[Crowley]] on Supernatural, guest starred in an episode of the same series.
[[Sera Gamble]] is herself says "I will boldly admit to being a life-long Trekkie. I was born and bred on the cheesy rock [set] and William Shatner. So I am well aware of what it is to be part of a fandom. And fandom is defined by meticulous care and really giving a shit and having strong opinions and arguing." [ Source]. On the episode commentary to [[5.04 The End]] with [[Eric Kripke]] and [[Ben Edlund]], Eric mentions that Sera was meant to be doing the commentary but had been caleld called up for jury duty, which she was attending in her Star Fleet uniform.  

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