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Star Trek

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{{UnderConstruction}}[[File:Star Trek cast.jpg|left|thumb|300px|The characters of the original Star Trek series.]]
The Star Trek franchise was created by [ Gene Rodenberry], and began with the television series [ Star Trek] in 1966. It related the adventures of the crew of the starship U.S.S. Enterprise as they traveled to new planets and encountered new species and beings. The ship was captained by [ James T. Kirk], played by William Shatner. His first officer, [ Mr. Spock], was half [ Vulcan], a species which values logic and reason. The rest of the human crew included [ Dr. McCoy], [ Uhura], [ Scotty], [ Sulu], and [ Chekov]. Show themes included tolerance, acceptance, and peaceful exploration.
While the original series ran for only three seasons, for a total of 79 episodes (not including the original, rejected pilot), it became a very popular cult series. Eventually, six films starring the cast of the original series were produced from 1979 to 1991. A second series, [ Star Trek: The Next Generation] premiered in 1987 with a new cast. The new cast subsequently made another four films. Three other series, [ Star Trek: Deep Space Nine], [ Star Trek: Voyager], and [ Enterprise], followed. The franchise was restarted in 2009 with the movie [ Star Trek], which cast new actors as the original series characters.
[[File:KirkSpock.jpg|right|thumb|200px|Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock]]
Star Trek and Supernatural have several parallels. Star Trek also spawned an [ animated series], which aired in 1973. A library of books set in the Star Trek universe has been written since the airing of the original series. Star Trek is famous for its vast fandom, members of which participate in [ conventions]. Additionally, Star Trek has been a popular subject for [[slash]].
Two members of the Supernatural crew have connections to Star Trek. The director of [[1.06 Skin]], [ Robert Duncan McNeil] starred in [ Star Trek: Voyager] as Lt Tom Paris. Actor [[Mark Sheppard]], who plays [[Crowley]] on Supernatural, guest starred in an episode of the same series.
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