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Plastic!Winchester Theatre

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== '''The Show''' ==
Something that has distinguished this project has been the level of skill evident in the work.  Each episode involves the writing of a story, usually with a main and at least one secondary plot. Around The story is planned in outline form, broken into scenes and story-boarded so camera angles can be blocked out, such as in any TV show. Characters are costumed, and sets decorated. There is great attention to detail, from the decals on the laptop, to the themed motel rooms. Anteka may shoot over 200 pictures, 100 individual shots are used, there are animated in each episode. In post-production special effects, and the set decoration is a wonder to beholdare added.
Currently one episode of P!WT, as it is known to fans, is posted each week.
Like any good successful show, PW!T has spawned a number of associated project from Blooper reels, to Behind the Scenes tours with Plastic!Sam and Plastic!Dean as well as [ episode commentaries] by anteka.
A popular spin-off featuring baby!Dean and baby!Sam have featured in [ music videos on You Tube].
P!WT merchandise is available from Café Press[]
Fans from around the world have photographed P!WT in a [ variety of settings], with giant koalas, Elvis and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.
On December 15 2006, Plastic!Winchester Theatre was enthusiastically reviewed by The CW Network Blogknown as [ The CW Source]
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