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Plastic!Winchester Theatre

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== '''History''' ==
On July 13th 2006 posted pictures of what she called "Supernatural Action Figures" in her LJ []. After coming upon a bin of naked Barbies at Goodwill, to quote anteka “the idea sprang fully formed from my head like I had just been waiting for the opportunity to do this”. Three naked Ken dolls were purchased and garage sales and eBay scoured for clothes and accessories.
In her [ first post], we got to meet Plastic!Dean, Plastic!Sam and Plastic!John. The resemblance to the real thing was amazing except for one notable difference which was to continue as the series took off – these plastic!boys were hugging!
After receiving pages of positive feedback, on July 15th, 2006 anteka posted what she decided to call [ Plastic!Winchester Theater - Episode One]. All the elements of what the series was to become were there – snappy dialogue, brotherly love, a gorgeous motel room, a great plot and a special guest star in the form of Harry Potter.
While a different foe is faced each week, recurring evil has a cute face in the form of the evil Care Bears, and the evil!plastic!Winchesters.
An up-to-date list of all episodes [ up-to-date list of all episodes]
People from all over the world send in props, clothes and dolls to feature in PW!T. many of us are now inexplicable drawn to the
The LJ community Spn_plastic []was created to host P!WT and creative fan projects such as fic or icons that involved the plastic!Winchesters.
Like any good successful show, PW!T has spawned a number of associated project from Blooper reels, to Behind the Scenes tours with Plastic!Sam and Plastic!Dean as well as [ episode commentaries ] by anteka.
P!WT merchandise is available from Café Press[]
Fans from around the world have photographed P!WT in a [ variety of settings].
On December 15 2006, Plastic!Winchester Theatre was enthusiastically reviewed by The CW Blog
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